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Second Amendment

I am Bob Loonan and I am running to be your State Representative again. On Aug. 11 I ask for your vote in the Republican primary.

Here are the facts. Each verifiable with an online search.

    • I have a 100% prolife voting record.
    • I am the candidate in this race endorsed by Minnesotans Concerned Citizens for Life (MCCL). 

2. I am pro second amendment.

    • I have been a youth gun safety instructor for 27 years.
    • I helped pass a law preventing the governor from confiscating guns of closing gun shops during times of emergency.
    • I am the NRA Endorsed candidate in this race.

3. I am the conservative candidate in this race who will win in November.

    • In 2018 my opponent lost to Democrat Brad Tabke, the first Republican loss in our district in over 20 years. 
    • I have beaten every Democrat opponent I have faced by double digit points. 

I have run a campaign focused on the issues. Health care costs, education spending, and law and order are some of these issues. Unfortunately, if a lie is repeated enough it becomes accepted.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I represent the values of the Shakopee area. Voters ultimately decide who will be their voice at the capitol. To those hoping to return conservative values to the St. Paul, I ask for your vote in the Aug. 11 primary.

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