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Second Amendment

Those who are opposed to the New York attorney general’s lawsuit against the National Rifle Association seem to believe that this lawsuit has to do with the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This is absolutely devoid of truth.

The lawsuit has nothing to do with changing or abolishing the Second Amendment. The attorney general of New York does not have that power and makes no assertion about it in the lawsuit.

There are also charges that the NRA gave money to other organizations and did not accurately report it.

None of this has anything to do with the right to bear arms; rather, it is a lawsuit aimed at an organization that the attorney general of New York claims has grossly violated the charter which New York has granted.

In short, the New York attorney general asserts that the NRA is corrupt.

While there are many folks, like me, who wish that this lawsuit was about the Second Amendment, it most definitely is not. But there are some, such as the president, the governor of Arkansas, Wayne LaPierre, and the NRA public relations person,who assert that it is.

In short, Wayne LaPierre went to the Bahamas on a personal vacation and then attempted to write it off as a “business expense.” That is sheer poppycock.

While statistics of NRA membership in Boone County are apparently not available to the public, it is fairly certain that there are several NRA members in this county.

Most of the efforts of the NRA are above reproach. While many of us may not like it, their lobbying efforts in Jefferson City and Washington, are perfectly legal.

While in the past, the NRA primarily represented arms-bearing sportsman, in recent years, the organization has more and more represented the interests of gun manufacturers.

Nothing wrong with that. It is in the interests of gun manufacturers to keep gun owners’ rights intact.

But, rather than raising objections to the misuse of membership dues, the opposition has raised a defense of the Second Amendment.

But, as previously pointed out, the lawsuit is not at all about the Second Amendment. It is about the misuse of funds — not gun rights, but fraud and corruption.

Before asserting false claims, members need to take a look at the assertions of the lawsuit. It is not about gun rights, but is about a rogue organization.

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