Denver Post Teen Columnists on Colorado’s Senate race

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Jim Carr, Special to The Denver Post

Young Coloradans are incredibly passionate about this election, but many can’t vote themselves. So we asked teens what they wanted voters to keep in mind as they cast their ballots this November.

Here’s what they have to say about the Senate race between former Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen. Cory Gardner.

Read what teens have to say about the presidential race, COVID in schools, climate change and policing in schools.


The outcome of Colorado’s 2020 senatorial election will hold many implications for state and federal politics. Health care, gun control, and the Senate majority are just a few of the issues at stake in Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republican Cory Gardner’s battle for a seat in the U.S. Congress. However, the results of this upcoming election will reveal more than whether or not gun laws will change or health care will improve. The senatorial election will determine the Colorado election system’s vulnerability to manipulation by the omnipotent, evergreen dollar.

Provided by Ava Stetson Ward

Ava Stetson Ward, 17

When Hickenlooper abandoned his bid for the presidency in August 2019 and began to pursue a seat in the Senate, his campaign quickly gained widespread support. Colorado, once a purple state, has proven itself to be bluer and bluer with every national election. Considering Gardner’s support of President Donald Trump, it came as no surprise that voters preferred the true-blue platform presented by Hickenlooper. Despite the strong start, however, Hickenlooper’s lead has been shrinking since April. The former governor has been falling out of favor with voters, and it’s not because he’s any less competent than he was five months ago; it’s because the National Republican Senatorial Committee has decided that they like having Gardner in Colorado’s senate seat — and they’ll use as many grainy filters, deep voices, and unflattering photographs as they need to to keep it that way.

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