ILA | Iowa DNR Falsely Claims Authority to Create List of Approved Hunting Cartridges

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On Tuesday, December 1st, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources circulated an email seeking input on proposed laws ahead of the 2021/22 deer season. The department falsely claims that recent legislation “directs the DNR to develop a list of cartridges approved for use in rifles to hunt deer in Iowa.” Following the list of allowable cartridges is a list of cartridges arbitrarily deemed as “ballistically dissimilar from allowable” cartridges. There is no explanation for what the Department’s criteria are for allowable vs. prohibited deer hunting cartridges.

Not only does the recent legislation, House File 716, not call on the Department to develop a list, its intent was the exact opposite. HF 716 established a minimum and maximum projectile diameter (.350 – .500) and a minimum muzzle energy (500 ft/lbs) for allowable deer hunting cartridges. With new cartridges hitting the market each year, sportsmen and women should not have to wait for the DNR to decide whether or not that cartridge meets their arbitrary definition of allowable.

Please contact the Department of Natural Resources at and politely ask that they not dictate to sportsmen and women what they arbitrarily deem as allowable to ethically harvest deer.

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