ILA | Washington: Carry Ban Sent to the Senate Floor for Rapid Consideration

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Yesterday, Senate Bill 5038 was pulled from the Senate Rules Committee and sent to the Senate Floor where it can be heard at any time.  NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to contact their State Senator and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 5038 in any form.

Senate Bill 5038 makes it a crime to openly carry, on the person or in a vehicle, a firearm or other “weapon” if the person is participating in, or attending, a “permitted demonstration” in a public place.  “Permitted demonstration” is defined to mean any behavior by at least one person expressing views or airing grievances, which is intended to, or attracts, an unspecified number of onlookers (a “crowd”).  The bill also prohibits openly carrying a firearm or other weapon within 250 feet of a demonstration in a public place after a law enforcement officer advises the person to leave.  The intent of the bill is called into question because, under SB 5038’s vague language, a single person openly expressing their views could be considered a “permitted demonstration” if it “intends” to draw a crowd.  Senate Bill 5038 potentially causes those who are engaging in otherwise lawful activities to become criminals because of the actions of others.

Again, it is very important that NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters contact their State Senator and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 5038 in any form.​

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