ILA | Alabama: $500 Cost Added to Lifetime Carry Permit Bill

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The House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee passed House Bill 477 by a voice vote to create a new lifetime carry permit option for state residents. Unfortunately, Rep. Harry Shiver (R-64) made an amendment to increase the cost from $200 to $500. This is an attempt by the sheriffs to either kill the bill, or if it passes, to impose an exorbitant cost that most Alabamians cannot afford.

We need your help immediately! Please contact your state representative and insist that they table the committee amendments by Rep. Farley and Rep. Shiver on the floor.

In addition, please contact Rep. Shiver and ask him to retract his amendment and stand up for your rights.

House Bill 477 creates a new statewide, uniform system to provide lifetime permits for qualified applicants, at the cost of $200 in the original version of the bill. For state residents over 65, the fee will drop to $150. Most aspects of the current permitting process will not change. Individuals interested in obtaining a lifetime permit will apply at their local sheriff’s office for a background check and to fill out the appropriate paperwork.


As law-abiding gun owners in Alabama know, we must make our voices heard loud and clear on these bills to get them passed. This is an important change to the existing permitting system that will give law-abiding gun owners the option of deciding which route is best suited for their individual self-defense needs.

Remind your legislators that they haven’t stood up for your gun rights in over six years, and that it’s time they represent those who hired them, not simply one county sheriff.

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