Lauren Boebert removes her guns from interview background as she says hammers are as dangerous as assault weapons


Colorado’s Republican representative Lauren Boebert has suggested in an interview that hammers are more dangerous than assault weapons in America, despite removing an array of guns from her interview background in the wake of the Boulder mass shooting.

Ms Boebert asserted during her interview on Newsmax TV’s National Report that what she called Colorado’s “strict gun laws… have failed us.”

She said: “If hammers are the cause of more deaths than firearms, then maybe we need to start having background checks on hammers.”

After the shooting at a supermarket in Boulder killed 10 people, Ms Boebert argued for less, not more, controls on firearms. “We have just about everything that Democrats are wanting to push nationally” when it comes to stricter gun laws, Ms Boebert said, adding that “unfortunately these do not work.”

Earlier in the week, when the Boulder shooting took place, Ms Boebert had said that “there are no gun laws” that could have stopped the attack, despite a judge lifting an assault weapons ban in the area just days before the shooting took place. In a tweet, she had said: “There are no gun laws that would’ve stopped Ahmad Alissa from killing ten Americans in cold blood.”

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