ILA | Washington: Anti-Self-Defense Legislation Expecting a Vote in the House at Any Time

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Today, anti-gun legislation, Senate Bill 5038, was placed on the House Calendar for Second Reading.  The measure can now be brought up for a vote at any time, and your Representative needs to hear from you immediately!  Please contact your State Representative and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 5038.

Senate Bill 5038 makes it a crime to openly carry, on the person or in a vehicle, a firearm or other “weapon” if the person is participating in, or attending, or is simply within 250 feet of a “permitted demonstration” in a public place.  Despite permitting individuals to use an area for the exercise of their First Amendment rights, anti-gun legislators want to ban those individuals from exercising their Second Amendment rights in the same permitted space.  The Constitution was not written with gradually disappearing ink where one right is more important than another.  The Second Amendment should not be infringed upon in any capacity, especially where other Constitutional Rights are being freely and openly expressed. 

Further, SB 5038 makes it a crime to open carry a firearm on Washington State Capitol grounds.  Open carry on the capitol campus during 2A rallies has always been peaceful and without a single incident of violence, however, it will now be banned without reason.

Again, please contact your State Representative and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 5038.


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