ILA | Iowa: Monroe Co. Sues IFC for Asking Them to Follow Law

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Monroe County is suing Iowa Firearms Coalition, an NRA state affiliate, along with one of its members, in retaliation for them asking the county to obey state law. Last year, the legislature passed House File 2502. Among other things, this NRA-backed law requires localities to provide measures, like screening and security guards, to keep its citizens safe in buildings where they choose to ban the lawful carry of firearms for self-defense. Rather than comply with the law, and either keep its disarmed citizens safe or let them defend themselves, Monroe County instead chose to file this ridiculous lawsuit against those willing to speak out on the issue.

IFC member, J.D. Thompson, is being sued for writing a letter to the county notifying them that their policy violates state law, and then when he received no response, for writing a letter to a newspaper. Thompson and the IFC filed counterclaims against Monroe County for violating their state and federal constitutional right to free speech and to petition the government, and for the county violating the confidentiality about Thompson’s permit to carry weapons.

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