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“As a new resident of Nelsonville, I was surprised by the lovely church bells that grace us with brief playlists throughout the day. I was also surprised by the National Anthem which resounds every day at noon from the Washington Street location. It seems innocuous but I question the motive. Is this a call for unity or a call for nationalism? I’m hoping it’s the former because this country does not need more division, most especially from the religious sector. That blurry line between state and church should be concerning.”

“The OU College of Communications will soon host a virtual career fair. The organizer has said, ‘I encourage students that, even if they look at the employer list and they don’t think there is anyone they’re interested in working for, [the career fair] is still a good experience.’ Communications students can pick and choose among available jobs? According to Career Explorer, the journalism job market will shrink 10 percent by 2026 and rates journalism majors with an ‘F’ employability rating. College Factual states the College is ranked #657 out of all colleges and universities that offer degrees in communication and media studies.”

“No vaccine appointments available anywhere near Athens. Waitlists are rare showing appointments in late May. I’m concerned about the sudden disrespect for Covid safety in the school. I get the desire for a return to normal but it’s premature since all I get is the message that ‘appointments are unavailable.’”

Editor’s note: We have a vaccine guide in this edition that may help you schedule.

“Beautiful house. Wonderful garden. It’s a shame the sorority near Baker Center ignores the trash that falls from their plastic garbage bags near the curb. True — It may disappear as it blows down the street…Is that the best these college women can do?”

“With $5 million for Athens, $1 million for Nelsonville, and money for villages large and small, it looks like the communities of Athens County are going to make bank thanks to the new American Rescue Plan coming out of DC. Well, all except The Plains. Even though it’s the second largest community in the county, its unincorporated status means it will be left out of all the goodies. When will The Plains realize it continues to only harm itself by being unincorporated?”

“I’m confused. Does COVID-19 temporarily stop spreading amongst maskless athletes when they compete in contact sports such as basketball and football? Or, does it keep spreading but these athletes are temporarily exempted from the rules non-athletes must follow? It’s gotta be one or the other. Either/or.”

“On March 17, the Biden administration held a meeting at the White House about the border situation. They didn’t discuss policies to manage immigration. Instead, they brought in PR & media consultants to advise them about how they should talk to the public about the border crisis. Similarly, the Nellis/Scholl administration at OU is focusing on branding, messaging, and PR — instead of on ‘product quality’ (academic excellence). ‘Spin’ doesn’t work in 2021: Americans and students (and students’ parents) have developed very savvy bullshit detectors. Migration is skyrocketing; enrollment is tanking.”

“OU has officially been named a ‘voter friendly campus.’ OU is one of just 230 universities to receive this designation. Then again, OU is tied at #176 as a ‘best value’ public university.”

“The 2nd Amendment was adopted in 1791 when George Washington was a fairly new President. It was adopted 230 years ago so militias could be formed to rebuff the King of England, if necessary, and to deal with violence resulting from the displacement of Native Americans from their land. So, when a Republican Senator or Congressperson tells you the 2nd Amendment provides a right for Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa to possess a high-powered assault rifle, what he or she is really telling you is, ‘The NRA has given much money to keep me in this job, so I am not going to do what makes sense. I am not going to support a ban on assault weapons. I am not going to do anything.’”

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