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Why has the Democratic Party not been canceled?

With cancel culture running amok in our country, I am very curious about this movement. It has been suggested that everyone from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and even Abraham Lincoln be removed from public consciousness for their supposed sins of centuries past.

Why then has no one suggested the cancellation of the Democratic Party and its removal from the public square? The Democrat Party, after all, was the party of slavery in the early to mid-1800s. It was Democrats who led the movement to secede from the Union. It was Democrats who fought Reconstruction. The Ku Klux Klan was a Democratic-organized and led organization and was used as the military/terrorist wing of the Democratic Party.

It was Democrats who lynched black people throughout the South. The Democratic Party created Jim Crow and segregation in the South. It was Democratic governors such as Orville Faubus in Arkansas and George Wallace in Alabama who fought against school desegregation in the South; and it was Democrats who filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act for 60 days, before it was ultimately passed with more Republican than Democrat votes.

Why then has no one suggested the cancellation of the Democrats and their politicians over the party’s sordid history, and why has no one made the point that if any organization has a racist history, it is the Democrats?

Tom Chastain


People kill people; stop bashing the NRA

It is amusing to read letters in regard to people not knowing what a gun is.

In a recent Open Forum letter, the writer wrote people are killed by guns. Do guns have arms, fingers and legs? No, guns don’t have these. So, how can a gun go into a super market, a school and a massage parlor in Georgia and kill people?

The gun is an inanimate object. It has no brain. It cannot operate or fire on its own. Therefore, people kill people, not the gun. People that have serious mental problems, are on drugs or have some other hate built up in their mind.

Motor vehicle deaths are double that of gunshots. Cars don’t kill people. People driving drunk on drugs and disobeying driving laws kill people. So, stop blaming guns!

Also, the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Georgia massage parlor and King Soopers in Boulder were not NRA members. Anti-gun people, stop bashing the NRA every time there is shooting of some kind. The NRA promotes firearms safety as well safety training courses.

Think and use correct information before uttering some kind of nonsense.

Dave Flock

Fort Collins

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