ILA | Kentucky: General Assembly Adjourns Sine Die

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Yesterday, the General Assembly adjourned sine die from its 2021 legislative session. During this session, the House passed House Bill 175 to prohibit financial institutions from discriminating against firearm businesses. Unfortunately, the Senate did not take action on this critical bill, resulting in it failing to pass this year.

As a small victory for the preservation of constitutional rights, Senate Bill 229 did not move along the legislative process at all. This “guilty until proven innocent” scheme would have allowed the seizure of an individual’s property and a suspension of their Second Amendment rights, based on accusations and without a hearing or other opportunity for them to be heard in court.

NRA will be back in Frankfort for the 2022 session. Meanwhile, please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates on issues affecting our Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage in Kentucky.

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