ILA | Alabama: Senate Passes Lifetime Carry Permit Bill with $300 Fee

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In the quest for a lifetime carry permit, the sheriffs once again put immense pressure on the legislature, with claims of loss of funding and lies of safety concerns, even though we know neither will be the case. The Alabama Sheriffs Association wanted an absolutely absurd $500, and came back several times with several different variants. Your NRA stood strong and absolutely opposed any effort to increase the fees. In the end however, it became apparent that a $300 mark would be the final result. The NRA was successful in adding a rebate clause for anyone who is required by their sheriff to purchase a 1 or 5-year permit prior to purchasing a lifetime permit, which in most circumstances, brings it to the original goal of $200. 

The NRA thanks Senator Randy Price, Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Reed, and Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth for their efforts throughout this process.

Senate Bill 308 now moves to the House for consideration. Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates.

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