ILA | Maine: Gun Bills Scheduled for Public Hearing

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On May 3rd, the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee will hold public hearings on numerous anti-gun and pro-gun bills. It is critical that committee members hear from NRA members and Second Amendment supporters. Please act now! Contact members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and ask them to SUPPORT NRA-backed LD’s 1052 and 1315, and to OPPOSE LD’s 976, 999, and 1454.

Pro-Gun Legislation:

Legislative Document 1052 and Legislative Document 1315 prohibit the state and government officials from restricting the lawful carrying, sale, or use of firearms and ammunition during states of emergency, and also prevents them from closing gun stores and shooting ranges. The legislation also suspends the expiration date for concealed handgun permits during a state of emergency. Both of these important pieces of legislation will ensure that the Second Amendment is protected during trying times and declarations of emergency.

Anti-Gun Legislation:

Legislative Document 976 amends the definition of “machine gun” to include a weapon to which a bump stock is affixed, and penalizes possession of a machine gun as a Class D crime. This legislation is duplicative, unneeded, and is already covered under federal law. In 2018, the Department of Justice, through regulation, classified “bump-stock-type devices” as “machine guns” under the National Firearms Act, and regulated them accordingly.


Legislative Document 999 requires background checks for private sales of firearms at gun shows, or resulting from advertising, with limited exceptions. This bill requires individuals to pay for background checks through Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) dealers and obtain permission before selling firearms to immediate or extended family, friends, and neighbors, if the sale occurs at a gun show, or through an advertisement.

Legislative Document 1454 essentially ends the centuries-old practice of home manufacturing firearms for personal use. Law-abiding firearm enthusiasts should be free to engage in their craft free of government overreach, as all other types of craftsmen are. The bill does nothing to prevent prohibited persons from obtaining firearms, lacks any public benefit, and punishes law-abiding gun owners and enthusiasts for their legal interests.

Again, please act now! Ask members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee to SUPPORT LD’s 1052 and 1315, and OPPOSE LD’s 976, 999, and 1454. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are also encouraged to testify or submit written testimony. You must be signed-up to testify remotely, 30 minutes prior to the start of the hearing.

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