ILA | Hawaii: Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

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On Thursday, the Hawaii Legislature adjourned sine die from its 2021 legislative session. During this session, anti-gun legislators continued to push bills to harass law-abiding gun owners rather than seek ways to hold criminals accountable for their actions.

House Bill 1366, to ban possession of home-built firearms owned prior to the ban last year, and House Bill 31, to increase Hawaii’s mandatory storage requirements, are currently on Governor David Ige’s desk for his consideration. He has until June 21st for his “intent to veto” and until July 6th to sign or veto. Please continue to contact Gov. Ige and ask him to veto HB 1366 and HB 31.

Fortunately, many anti-gun bills were defeated this session, including Senate Bill 301, to ban all magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds, and Senate Bill 307, to ban “any firearm or rifle with the capacity to fire ammunition of fifty caliber or higher.” NRA will be back in Honolulu for the 2022 session. In the meantime, please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates.​


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