ILA | Oregon: Anti-Gun Legislators Rushing to Pass Gun Control Legislation Move Vote to Tomorrow

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Earlier today, we alerted you that anti-gun legislation, Senate Bill 554, was scheduled for a vote next month.  Your NRA-ILA has learned that the vote for this extreme gun control measure has been prioritized and will occur TOMORROW!  It is extremely important that NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters contact their State Senator immediately and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 554.

Senate Bill 554 affects law abiding gun owners in Oregon by: 

  • Allowing Oregon’s more than 1,224 school district boards to prohibit Concealed Handgun License Holders (CHL) on their grounds 
  • Allows the State Capitol and airports to prohibit CHL holders 
  • Mandates one-size-fits-all firearms storage within your home and vehicle 
  • DOUBLES CHL application fees and increases renewal fees by 50% 
  • Potential felony prosecution and loss of your firearm rights for violations

As originally drafted, SB 554 gutted Oregon’s Preemption law by handing authority over to any municipality, to dictate firearms laws in any public building.  For more information on how the measure was amended behind the scenes, see our previous alert here.

Again, it is extremely important that you contact your State Senator and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 554.


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