ILA | North Carolina: House Passes Sheriff-Approved Repeal of Pistol Permit

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Yesterday, the House passed House Bill 398, to repeal the pistol permit in favor of the federal NICS background check. It now goes to the Senate for further consideration.

“This legislation came at the direct request of the NC Sheriffs’ Association,” said Rep. Jay Adams, author of the bill. “We have made significant improvements in updating the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and it simply no longer makes sense to have our sheriffs tasked with approving and issuing individual pistol purchase permits. It is duplicative, costly and an unnecessary burden on law enforcement and law-abiding gun owners.”

The pistol purchase permit was created before modern, computerized background checks existed. The federal NICS checks that licensed firearms dealers conduct are often completed in minutes. North Carolina’s court system finished furnishing mental health involuntary commitment records to NICS in 2019, ensuring that it can do thorough checks.

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