ILA | Connecticut: Unnecessary Gun Control Heads to Governor’s Desk

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Last week, the Connecticut Senate passed House Bill 6355, legislation which strips away the constitutional rights of individuals without adequate due process. This bill will now head to Governor Lamont’s desk for consideration this session.  Please act now and urge Governor Lamont to veto House Bill 6355!

House Bill 6355 expands the list of people who can petition the court for an ex parte order to have an individual’s firearms seized, without giving that individual the opportunity to present his or her defense before a judge ahead of the confiscation.

Constitutional rights should only be restricted with sufficient due process of law.  Due process limits restrictions on constitutional rights to only serious convictions and adjudications that provide procedural protections to the accused, which results in more reliable proceedings. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms should not be treated as a second-class right, and should only be restricted when sufficient protections are in place.

Again, please contact Governor Lamont and ask him to VETO House Bill 6355!


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