ILA | Louisiana: Urgent Action Needed – Governor Edwards is Refusing to Sign Constitutional Carry Legislation

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Governor Edwards has two more days to sign Constitutional Carry Legislation, Senate Bill 118 into law.  Don’t let him prevent law-abiding Louisiana citizens from enjoying the same rights that 21 other states now recognize. 

Please contact your State Representative and ask them to urge Governor Edwards to SIGN Senate Bill 118 into law.  Also, please call Governor Edward’s office at 225-342-7015 and voice your support for Senate Bill 118.

Senate Bill 118 removes the requirement for law-abiding individuals to obtain a concealed handgun permit before being allowed to carry concealed, a handgun for self-defense.  This important legislation ensures that citizens are able to exercise their right to self-defense without government red tape or delays.  This measure does not affect previously issued carry permits, and allows citizens who still wish to obtain a permit in order to carry in other states recognizing Louisiana permits, to do so.

Following Texas’ enactment of Constitutional Carry, Louisiana residents will be able to carry without a permit in all three border states.  What is Governor Edwards’ objection?

Again, please contact your State Representative and ask them to urge Governor Edwards to sign the measure into law.  Please also call Governor Edwards’ office at 225-342-7015 and voice your support for Senate Bill 118.


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