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American public higher education: corporatized, privatized, monetized, politicized, compromised, traumatized.

If I were a casual observer with nothing to lose, it would appear to me that the Democratic Party is at least trying to work for the people of this country. On the other hand, it appears to me that the GOP’s only purpose is to obstruct and hinder the Democrats. No effort to work for the people.

Christ says, “There are your fears which might become reality, then there is Godzilla which is reality.”

The NRA was founded just after the Civil War to advance rifle marksmanship and to promote firearm safety. Today its role is to defeat any form of gun control. It seems obvious that instead of impeding efforts to end gun violence the NRA would take a leading role in promoting gun legislation to end gun violence.

Hey, Henry, I know you and your Republicans hate unions because they believe in living wages and good benefits for well-done, professional work. Postbellum Plantation ideology. I get it.

Rant and Rave. Revile or respect. Regurgitate or rational. Reactionary or reformer. Ridiculous or reason. I am the latter. No name-calling. I am R.

I just read a report that a host on OAN called for the execution of the people who conspired to dump Trump. Was he by any chance including the 80+ million American Voters who voted AGAINST Trump? And isn’t this kind of incitement to fatal violence against some kind of law?

Has anyone run into that photographer working on an alien project called “final messages from earth”? Does she know something we don’t???

Two thoughts about this year’s D1 College World Series: 1) If COVID-19 vaccination was seen as a health issue instead of a political one, the series may have ended differently. 2) If I ever see another coach publicly humiliate a college player in a game, I will personally rip him/her a new one. It’s a game — you’re an adult. Act like it.

Well, another day, got home from work, watching the local news, turn on the TV. Five Points bar owners get arrested for manufacturing marijuana. Oh my god during the pandemic, too. I mean, manufacturing marijuana. I mean marijuana is pretty much legal everywhere except South Carolina. I mean, for God’s sakes, let’s give them the electric chair. Death penalty. That’s it, manufacturing marijuana. At least they’re not thriving off of the government, like so many other people are. Thank you. Think about it, and have a nice day.

Somebody answer just one simple question for me. I hear about all the incentives that the Uber and Lyft and rideshare drivers are getting to come back to work. How come the taxi drivers aren’t getting any incentives? Can somebody please answer that for me or is that just too hard of a question to answer? Thank you.

What’s on my mind? You can’t handle. Taxpayers of South Carolina being ripped off bliiind. This is BG, the Blind Guy. Want to tell you that you’re all ignorant over the fact that percentages paid to procurement blocks the programs for the blind to do commissary and also vending in public and private industries that get proceeds from the federal government. And these laws exist, you’ve paid for them, but they don’t want us because they will not get a percentage paid by us to them. Why are they getting percentages? Who is this Sheriffs’ Association? They ain’t offsetting budgets.

There should be a march on the Statehouse and they should release anybody arrested for marijuana. Marijuana is a naturally grown element. It’s more than just smoking pot. And the wood industry is scared because the hemp issue, but the alcohol and tobacco industry is threatened because they know for a fact that they would lose business. So all you Bible belchers out there, we know that you conduct backdoor business. And you know, we have been tired of waiting for element to resolve the problem of discrimination. And that is legalize marijuana, bitch.

Yeah, I got a big rant and rave to the Cayce City Council. Why do you OK for a high-rise apartment building down by Cook Out restaurant on Knox Abbot Drive?

Yeah, Rant and Rave. This goes out to The Turtle. Go f#!k yourself and your mother, you bastard. That’s all.

Just got through calling Gov. McMaster’s office. I saw the Black Votes Matter bus. No, I wasn’t physically out there. Everything is virtual. Everything’s, you know, satellite at home and everything, too, which is safe for me because I’m almost 60. With that being said, this is my rant. My rant is on too many guns, too many guns in South Carolina, really ludicrous. Lackadaisical. You know, guns in bars and restaurants, open carry, constitutional carry, and all that, having these gun shows, I think that’s ridiculous. We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Ah, the world of politics. Didn’t the governor of Texas ask for private and public donations to help build the wall? Now if you didn’t learn the first time, isn’t that what Steve Bannon did? And took some cash? You know, they say a genius learns the first time. And sometimes you watch doctors and they just, they tuck things away. (The doctor) would lean over somebody and say, “OK, OK, OK.” Every time they talk, he’d say, “OK, OK.” And he’s just tucking all that information away. But a genius learns the first time.

You know, psychology says there are seven things that are addicting. And I guess the last 20 years, things have changed, which they threw in shopping and plastic surgery. But if you go back in time, it’s like sex and food and drugs and alcohol. But there are seven things that are addicting. That’s psychology. But don’t you dare forget the Bible says that some people love to what? They love to lie. I love my dog. She just jumped on the sofa. I love my dog. We love getting on the boat. They love to lie, l-i-e.

How does a flea get around? It itch-hikes.

I told my dad I was going to visit him and take the midnight train to Georgia. He said, “What time does it leave?”

My company’s fiscal year end is 30 June. I wonder if we’re going to have a New Year’s Eve party.

Meeting Street by D’s needs a safer way to cross the street from the other parking lot.

If Trump truly cared about America, he would make public service announcement videos urging everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Just saw an editorial in The State the other day. It proposes that “If alien are in those UFOs, they must not like us.” Myself, the view I have had for over 50 years, and reinforced by the BS about the 2020 election, is a bit more prosaic: They are waiting to see if intelligent life is going to ever develop on the earth.

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