ILA | North Carolina: Guilford County Considering Firearm Discharge Restrictions

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On August 5th, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners will consider File # 2021-294 to restrict hunting and target shooting, though it remains unclear if they even have the authority to do so. If you wish to attend the hearing, you may click here for information. Please contact commissioners and ask them to OPPOSE File # 2021-294.

File # 2021-294 prohibits “repetitive” discharges of firearms between 9PM and 8AM, and also prohibits “repetitive” discharges of firearms outside of that time for more than two hours consecutively or three hours cumulatively. The proposed ordinance defines “repetitive discharge” to mean multiple firearm discharges from the same general location within a one hour period. This restriction also applies to shooting ranges.

Restricting shooting ranges and restricting target shooting with such arbitrary regulations infringes on Second Amendment rights. Shooting ranges are essential for citizens to practice to be safe and proficient with their firearms.

Again, please contact commissioners and ask them to OPPOSE File # 2021-294.


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