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Bob Yinzer: ‘Pee patrol’: Print their names

Absolutely nothing will improve police conduct and behavior more than printing names in the newspaper after an adverse event (Aug. 17 letter, Cruise rides: How the fun got ruined). The vast majority of police are men and women of honor and integrity. But, there are a few “bad apples” who need to be known by the public at large. Please include their names after all incidents… both good and bad.

Bob Yinzer


Dick Regan: NRA: I sense a comparison

Could the NRA be the Taliban of the United States ?

The world stands in astonishment at speed and ease of the Taliban’s sweeping victory over the people of Afghanistan.

The success of this primitive and savage mob has been attributed to a combo of the single-minded fanaticism of this extremist minority relative to the passive apathy of Afghanistan’s majority population.  (And maybe, too, miscellaneous corruption in government? )

Observers suggest that Afghanistan’s outcome is a reflection of the people, their values and culture.

Might there be a familiar sensation in play ? Did the U.S. have more gun violence last weekend than all of Afghanistan in the Taliban’s sweep to dominance ?

So might the U.S. cultural identity be comparable to Afghanistan’s? Is the NRA indeed the U.S. equivalent of Afghanistan’s extremists’ primitive and savage Taliban ? Is our gun violence and our society’s passive, apathetic tolerance a reflection of who we are ?

As each of us looks in the mirror and asks “what have I done about the NRA and gun violence?”  how do we answer?

Do we recall “ we have met the enemy and it is us?”

Dick Regan


Carolyn Usher: Trees: Council, we need to talk

Re: “Unjustified cutting of trees”  by Lakshman Guruswamy (Aug. 18):

Climate change and another summer of excessive smoke particulates and ozone in Boulder.  Another summer of record breaking continuous days over 90 degrees. Tell me then, how do we justify the clear cutting of 14 healthy (some very old) trees at 2445 Balsam Drive?  Trees give beauty, shade, and reduce cooling costs (including to the environment).  Moreover, they take in the carbon dioxide we emit and safely store it…till the tree is cut down.

Boulder strives to be the green model for the country.  How do we justify this wanton destruction?  To make way for another McMansion, a driveway?  How long will it take to grow back those trees?  Boulder is the “City of Trees.”  Why? Because once there were none. Of the 14 trees, was it not possible to save a few, incorporate them into the architectural design, like the mature one planted next to the sidewalk by the city?

This conversation took place in 2011 with the City Council.  Ten years later a lot has changed and I think it’s time to revisit that conversation.

Carolyn Usher


Bruce Neumann: Fire ban: Bring it back, immediately

Many of you will be aware that the U.S. Forest Service and Boulder County Commissioners rescinded the fire ban throughout the county. Many residents protested this action and the Commissioners had a chance to discuss these comments at their meeting  (Aug. 17). I was very disappointed to hear one Commissioner comment to the effect that “we get lots of complaints when we institute a fire ban, and we get lots of complaints when we rescind the fire ban.” Then they disregarded all the public input and voted to rescind the fire ban. This is callous disregard to public input and public safety.

City residents should be more concerned about wildfires because California has shown that entire towns can be wiped out almost overnight. This is a risk shared by Boulder as many canyons are direct funnels for wildfires racing downhill.

While the Commissioners and the USFS claim to rely on an array of competent evidence, they fail to consider the seasonal drying of grasses and shrubs. They also fail to consider that any tree can burn if the fire is hot enough. These two facets are not included in their criteria and should justify an annual fire ban in August and September, especially given the major fires that usually occur during these months.

Please implement the fire ban immediately.

Bruce Neumann


Linda Quigley: CU South: A big election issue

If City Council does approve the current CU plan (which is not enforceable with CU), I will join others to campaign as hard as we can to have every one lose the next election, and never win another. It is the least we can do after ruins our homes for us; acting deaf, dumb, and blind to the citizens’ concerns. Speaking of listening:  Council needs to open our City Council public comment meetings back up to the vaccinated and masked public.  Council is hiding at this point. The Senior Center re-opens, but not our City Council?  Come on!

Linda Quigley


Earl Noe: City Council candidates: Party affiliations matter

The Camera is doing no one any favors by not revealing the party affiliation of city council candidates in its profiles, and in pretending party affiliation is not relevant to a local race. Extraordinary times when democracy itself in the United States is under dire threat require changed policies.

No matter how reasonable someone may appear, any one supporting the Republican Party even only with membership is giving aid and comfort to a party waging an ongoing campaign to effect a permanent minority coup in America.

I do not care how attractive a Council candidate’s avowed positions may seem, or if they can walk directly across Wonderland Lake, it is not worth making a deal with the devil to fix potholes.

Earl Noe


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