ILA | A Dozen New Pro-Second Amendment Laws Take Effect Today, Your State Representative Jon Rosenthal Voted Against NINE of Them!

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Dear Texas House District 135 Member:

As NRA-ILA reported to you earlier, a dozen new pro-Second Amendment bills take effect TODAY – September 1.  Your State Representative, Jon Rosenthal, voted against NINE of them.  He voted:

  • AGAINST Constitutional Carry;
  • AGAINST banning banks with policies that discriminate against the firearms industry from doing business with the State of Texas;
  • AGAINST prohibiting anti-gun politicians from halting gun sales during a disaster or public health emergency; and
  • AGAINST traveler protection legislation preventing hotels from having “no guns” policies in guest rooms.

That’s a failing grade any way you look at it.  Something to remember come exam time.

NRA Institute for Legislative Action


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