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Today, the Herndon Town Council will hold a public hearing at 7PM on an ordinance to restrict firearms in certain public places. Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to OPPOSE the proposed Ordinance 21-O-10. If you wish to attend the hearing, you may find information here.

Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact the Town Council.

The proposed Ordinance 21-O-10 prohibits firearms, ammunition, and components in public buildings, public parks, and on public streets and sidewalks where, or adjacent to where, town-sponsored events are occurring. There are exemptions for concealed handguns by concealed handgun permit holders as well as for firearms, ammunition, and components stored out of sight in locked vehicles lawfully parked in these areas.

Despite these exemptions, individuals who live in an area where a town-sponsored event is occurring will not be able to cross a public right of way to enter or leave their property with any firearm other than a concealed handgun with a permit. In addition, they may find themselves in legal trouble for accidentally leaving something as simple as a shell casing visible in a vehicle parked at one of these public buildings or parks, or leaving it parked in an area prior to a town-sponsored event occurring there.

Nothing in the proposed ordinance requires the town to implement security measures to ensure that armed criminals do not ignore such arbitrary boundaries and enter anyway. It simply says they “may” implement security measures.


Again, please contact the Town Council and ask them to OPPOSE the proposed Ordinance 21-O-10.

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