Grading Gov. Kathy Hochul’s first month in office

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With just two weeks to prepare after a shocking resignation from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York’s first female governor took office with a full plate. Kathy Hochul had two items high on her to-do list: distancing herself from the controversy surrounding her predecessor, and giving voters who aren’t familiar with her a better chance to get to know her.

Len Lenihan is the former chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party in Western New York, Hochul’s home. From town council, to county clerk, to congress, Lenihan watched Hochul build a reputation as a moderate.

What You Need To Know

  • Gov. Kathy Hochul took office in late August
  • Some Democrats say she is a “Joe Biden moderate”
  • State Republican Party Chairman Nicholas Langworthy says the governor is leaning toward the extreme left

Nick Langworthy is the chairman of the state Republican Party. As the former head of the Erie County GOP, he faced off against Hochul in local races for 15 years. He’s watched Hochul go from a member of congress endorsed by the NRA to a lieutenant governor who supported strict gun control under the NY SAFE Act.

Langworthy believes the governor will lean more left in the future, noting her decision to make Brian Benjamin lieutenant governor.

Lenihan admits Hochul’s positions on certain issues may have changed, but says her commitment to those she represents hasn’t.

He describes her as a “Joe Biden Democrat.”

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