Happy New Year! Check Out the Top 10 Worst Liberal TV Scenes of 2021

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As 2021 comes to a close, let’s look back on another terrible year of liberal propaganda in entertainment television. From Black Lives Matter to blasphemy, Hollywood proved once again how far out of touch they are with regular Americans.

Here are the top 10 worst liberal scenes of 2021:


1. Oprah Network Drama Wants Whites to Feel ‘Personal Shame’ for Floyd Death

The Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN) Queen Sugar, about a black family running a sugar cane farm in rural Louisiana, recounted the release of the George Floyd video and its affect on the family.

Nova (Rutina Wesley) lectured her white cop boyfriend Calvin because “You all [white people] feel no personal shame in that [George Floyd’s death]. If the tables were turned, I’d be in shambles.” She claimed, “When horrible things happen and a Black person is responsible, we feel shame” and “if it were a Black cop who killed him, I feel [sic] embarrassed personally.”

Somehow she went on to invoke President Trump: “Y’all have an imbecile in the White House and you just shrug it off. If it were Obama, all the Black folks would be hanging our heads…And the mess that’s happening with the white man in the Oval now? You don’t even feel at all connected to. This is one of the treacherous and rarely discussed side effects of white supremacy.”


Nova: When you saw what happened to George Floyd, did you feel shame? It’s not a trick question. I’m just curious. It’s for my article.

Calvin: I felt disgust, watching a human life being taken. But, no, I wasn’t embarrassed by it personally because I had nothing to do with it.

Nova: Right. But if it were a Black cop who killed him, I feel embarrassed personally. I feel shame.

Courtney: But why? You didn’t do it.

Nova: Every Black person’s actions are seen as a collective endeavor. Every action besides success, of course. Every bad thing that one of us may experience or cause reflects on all of us in the eyes of American society. One robbery, they are inherently criminal. One drug deal, they inherently lack restraint. One person does something trifling on the job, they all lack discipline. 

Courtney: I see what you mean. It’s like Black people have a collective conscious in the eyes of white America. Like you think and behave as a monolith. But of course, that’s, like, so false. 

Nova: You have a white man strangling someone by the neck while being recorded, as both victim and bystanders begged him to stop. You all feel no personal shame in that. If the tables were turned, I’d be in shambles. Y’all have an imbecile in the White House and you just shrug it off. If it were Obama, all the Black folks would be hanging our heads.

Calvin: Because all Black Americans would be lumped together because of the mess he was involved in.

Nova: And the mess that’s happening with the white man in the Oval now? You don’t even feel at all connected to. This is one of the treacherous and rarely discussed side effects of white supremacy.


2. ‘Their Problem’ Is ‘We Exist:’ ABC Drama Rewrites Jacob Blake Case, Claims ‘Genocide’

The ABC legal drama For Life did the liberal version of the Jacob Blake shooting where Andy Josiah (Royce Johnson) was every bit the innocent, wholesome family man brutalized by police that Blake was not. As Josiah lay handcuffed to a hospital bed faced with the fact that he may never walk again, he went on about white people having “everything” and yet they’re “still” committing “genocide” and mournfully asked his lawyer Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock), “What the hell’s their problem?” Wallace’s response was simply, “We exist.”


Andy: Only man I ever met stronger than you was my father. Glad he’s not here to see me like this.

Aaron: What happened wasn’t about you. You don’t gotta feel no shame or guilt. Alright?

Andy: Yeah, but certain things I looked forward to, you know? Picking up my son, swinging him around, even taking the trash out. Seems stupid, huh? I get it. But it made me feel like a man for my wife. I ain’t never gonna get to make love to her again. Man, you see how fine she is?

Aaron: You still got a lot to live for, Andy.

Andy: You know the question I ask every day?

Aaron: What’s that?

Andy: What the hell’s their problem? I mean, they got everything. Yet they still on some genocide mess.

Aaron: We exist.


3. Godless ‘Gossip Girl’ Teens Have Threesome in Front of Chapel Crucifix

In a particularly blasphemous episode of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot, Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind) and her boyfriend Aki (Evan Mock) began having sex in their private high school’s chapel, but they hadn’t been able to feel very aroused with each other ever since having a threesome with their extremely promiscuous and bisexual friend Max (Thomas Doherty).

After trying different positions without success, and discussion of eye contact with Jesus, they ended up inviting Max to the chapel to help them and another threesome ensued. As the three lay naked on the floor after they finish, Max pointed up at the ceiling and remarked, “We gotta clean that up before stained glass takes on a whole new meaning.”


4. SHOCK: Netflix Cartoon Uses Sex and Gun-Loving Jesus to Bash NRA, Gun Rights

On Netflix’s Paradise P.D. the characters went on a tour of the NRA. The tour included a gun pit with a dead kid buried in it and the corpse of Charlton Heston used as a statue, complete with a sign – “Pry this gun from my cold, dead hands and win a Republican Senate seat.” The head of the NRA, Mr. Chip Fuck-Yeah, showed them a video using Jesus to show how “guns make a better world.” The video was horrifically offensive, with Jesus coming down from the Cross to kill his persecutors with machine guns then having sex with two women while moaning, “Oh, my dad!”


5. Netflix’s Mexican-American Dramedy: ‘Even Dogs Treated Better Than Undocumented’

The second season of Netflix’s Gentefied was dedicated to a Mexican-American family patriarch’s plight facing deportation after living in America for 30 years and becoming a small business owner.

The public interest in Pop (Joaquin Cosio) took off and his lawyer got Van Jones to do an interview with him on “VNN.” During this interview, Pop said that he’s not afraid anymore, just tired. He claimed, “Even dogs are treated better than an undocumented” and accused the country of lying to him about the American dream because he could be sent back to Mexico. Then the illegal immigrant defiantly declared, “This is my home. This is where I belong, whether you like it or not.”


Van: Immigrants are truly the life blood of this country, and my next guest exemplifies it so much. He is a family man. He’s just a pillar of his community, and yet he is faced with deportation. I want you to meet Mr. Casimiro Morales. Mr. Morales, welcome to the show. Listen, as an undocumented person, what is it that you want people to know about your story?

Pop: Well, I… I wake up every day to make this country better. I pay taxes and… and work hard in search of a… of a better life.

Van: Uh… are you okay, sir? I know this is live TV. You can get intimidated. Take your time.

Pop: Uh-uh. (In Spanish: No, I’m not scared. The fear is gone.) I’m not afraid. I’m tired. I’m tired of sharing all the good things I have done in this country, to make you feel bad for me? ¿Pa’ qué? To convince you? That I am… a person? Look at me. I am a person. I have done good things. I have done bad things like everyone. (In Spanish: And what? You want to… Because I don’t have a piece of paper you want to destroy my family?) Why? Why would this country do that to millions of people? To be treated like animals. (In Spanish: Not even that. Even dogs are treated better than an undocumented.) This country promised the American dream, but you lied. I work hard. (In Spanish: But you want to rip the dream from me.) I’m done begging. I’m… I’m not a perfect immigrant. But I know I am not a criminal. (In Spanish: Stop lying.) This is my home. This is where I belong, whether you like it or not.


6. Closeted Priest on ABC Drama Praises Cheating Lesbian in Confessional: ‘You’re a Hero’

On ABC’s Queens, one of the four female R&B stars, Jill (Naturi Naughton), a practicing Catholic, came out as gay and left her husband for her girlfriend, then cheated on her girlfriend. Her guilt led her into the confessional where she received a very surprising answer from the secretly gay priest who approvingly recited the rap lyrics she sang about “kissing a girl” when she came out publicly and called her a “hero” and an “inspiration” while bemoaning the “restrictions” of priesthood:


Jill: It’s been three weeks since my last confession. They always say start with the most difficult sin, so… I cheated on my girlfriend. I cheated on the girlfriend that I cheated on my husband with. I’m a cheater. And I love Tina. But am I ready to settle down again right away? What should I do? I mean, do I tell her? Do I tell Tina? Father?

Priest: You’re an inspiration. “I never knew I would end up kissing a girl. But thanks to you, I can tell the whole world.” I saw the BET Awards.

Jill: Ah.

Priest: Tears.

Jill: Thank you.

Priest: I love God. I love professing the Gospel, but the Priesthood comes with… restrictions. You’re a hero.

Jill: Are you happy, Father?

Priest: We’re asked to make sacrifices for God, and that was my choice. But I often wonder, what would my life be like if I was free of expectations or restrictions?

Jill: Me too, Father. Me too.


7. Woke Medicine: ‘The Good Doctor’ Diagnoses ‘Pregnant Man’ 

ABC’s The Good Doctor featured trans man Rio Gutierrez (played by trans actor Emmett Preciado) presenting at the hospital to receive treatment for a pituitary tumor. Rio told the doctors about being engaged to a man, while the doctors noted and apologized for the “messed-up software” that correctly recorded Rio’s gender as female. It turned out that Rio was pregnant and the pregnancy hormones were causing the tumor to grow exponentially, so I’d say having the correct sex was pretty important!


Dr. Reznick: Your primary care doctor was right. The mass is on the smaller side. We’ll confirm with the new images, but it should be manageable with medication. No surgery needed. 

Rio: Well, my fiancé will be so relieved. He’s been worried I’ll look like Frankenstein in all our photos. Also that I might die. 

Dr. Allen: When’s the big day?

Rio: June. 

Dr. Allen: You’ve been dealing with wedding planning on top of a pituitary tumor? You deserve a medal. 

Dr. Reznick: Our medical record system, on the other hand — it has you listed as female. 

Rio: Probably because of the Pap smears. 

Dr. Allen: Software clearly needs a trans update. Deep breath. 

Dr. Reznick: I’ll fix it so everything is correct going forward. Please confirm your gender and pronouns. 

Rio: Male, he/him/his. Thanks for asking. 

Dr. Reznick: We’re the ones with the messed-up software. Your scans from this morning were just uploaded. In less than two weeks, the tumor’s doubled in size. 


8. NCIS: Los Angeles Latest Show to Push BLM ‘Peaceful Protest’ Lie

In an episode of CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles, the Department of Homeland Security showed up to coordinate with the NCIS team for planned Black Lives Matter protests. When DHS Agent Merkle mentioned concern with possible violence at the protests, Agent Roundtree (Caleb Castille) was confused because “It’s gonna be a peaceful protest.”

Agent Merkle said he was being “a little idealistic,” but he stubbornly shot back, “No, it’s realistic. The-the protest is about equality and racial justice. But I’m sure the protesters would love our protection.”

Only when he was told of possible “armed counterprotesters” did Agent Roundtree get on board, but still insisted: “So, to be clear, it’s not about the protesters, it’s about people showing up who could pose a threat to what would be a peaceful protest.”


Agent Roundtree: Uh, how can I help you? 

Agent Merkel: The protest planned for tonight. Homeland Security is coordinating a joint federal task force to assist with local authorities. 

Agent Roundtree: Assist them with what? Directing traffic? It’s gonna be a peaceful protest. 

Agent Merkel: I think that’s a little idealistic. 

Agent Roundtree: No, it’s realistic. The-the protest is about equality and racial justice. But I’m sure the protesters would love our protection. 

Agent Merkel: Well, this request comes directly from my director, and the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy, the director of NCIS. 

Agent Roundtree: Oh. 

Agent Merkel: There are concerns about armed counterprotesters showing up tonight. 

Agent Roundtree: So, to be clear, it’s not about the protesters, it’s about people showing up who could pose a threat to what would be a peaceful protest. 

Agent Merkel: Sure. If you want to get technical. 

Agent Roundtree: (Laughs) I’m not trying to get technical. I’m just trying to get it right. 

Agent Merkel: (Laughs softly) I feel like we’re getting off on the wrong foot.

Agent Roundtree: No, no. It’s…

Agent Merkel: Agent Roundtree, can NCIS help us gather intelligence about militia groups who may pose a problem tonight?

Agent Roundtree: Sure. If you want to get technical. 


9. Grey’s Anatomy: Thanksgiving ‘Isn’t Really a Holiday We Should Celebrate’

On the Thanksgiving episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) was unable to travel back to her home in Seattle after weather canceled her flight. When she called to let her family know that she would miss Thanksgiving, her preteen adopted daughter Zola told her it’s ok because “Thanksgiving isn’t really a holiday we should celebrate. There’s no actual evidence Native Americans were even invited to a feast. I think they cared more about being colonized and having their land stolen than mashed potatoes.”


Meredith: I am exactly like my mother. I’m in a hotel room, missing the holiday with my family, and I’m eating stale nuts for dinner. 

Amelia: From what I’ve heard, Ellis Grey wouldn’t have made it home even if it were blue skies and sunny.

Meredith: You’re not helping.

Amelia:  That’s because we’re fine. I will cook. 

Meredith: That sounds dangerous. 

Zola: Hi, Mom. 

Meredith: Hi, Zola. I’m so sorry.

Zola:  It’s okay. You tried to get here. And Thanksgiving isn’t really a holiday we should celebrate. There’s no actual evidence Native Americans were even invited to a feast. I think they cared more about being colonized and having their land stolen than mashed potatoes. I’m sorry you’re alone and eating peanuts, though. Love you! 

Meredith: I love you, Zola. 

Amelia: Love you.


10. CBS’s ‘SWAT’ Attacks ‘Male’ Physical Standards for Cops as ‘Biased’

CBS’s S.W.A.T. had member Christina “Chris” Alonso (Lena Esco) upset that the year’s applicants list for the SWAT Academy had no women. She talked to Nora Fowler, a female officer who pulled herself from consideration, to find out why. It turns out that SWAT training and fitness standards are supposedly “biased in favor of male cadets” and “put a ton of emphasis on explosive strength” which means they “are all exercises proven to put women at a physiological disadvantage.”

Fowler: I was interested, but I decided not to take the risks that come with trying out. 

Alonso: What do you mean?

Fowler: I took a closer look at the SWAT training and fitness standards. Not only are they out of date, they’re biased in favor of male cadets. 

Alonso: You’ve got the skills and drive to get past all the boys’ club nonsense. 

Fowler: This isn’t a willpower issue. It goes deeper than that. And I’m not the only walking wounded. You know Officer Park, North Hollywood Division? 

Alonso: Yeah.

Fowler: She tore her rotator cuff trying out for one of the SWAT PFQs.

Alonso: A cadet had the same thing happen when I was training for SWAT. 

Fowler: Let me guess– female officer? 

Alonso: Nicki Bradley. How’d you know that? 

Fowler: SWAT PFQs put a ton of emphasis on explosive strength. Push-ups, pull-ups, box jumps… Are all exercises proven to put women at a physiological disadvantage. 

Alonso: Nicki was worried about the push-up portion. She was training so hard for it, she got hurt.

Fowler: That makes sense. If you can’t do 50 push-ups, like most of the guys… 

Alonso: You don’t make SWAT.

Fowler: Exactly. Male candidates are more likely to succeed, and female candidates are more likely to injure themselves trying to clear these arbitrary fitness thresholds that have nothing to do with actual SWAT work. Take a look at the data yourself. The other female applicants and I all talked. It doesn’t seem worth it to risk a whole career.

Alonso: What if we can change that? 

Fowler: Good luck. In the meantime, I got to watch my own six. 

Here’s hoping for a better 2022!

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