Kimberly Lowe Formally Files for Congress in 9th District

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On Monday January 10th Kimberly Lowe formally announced her candidacy for Virginia’s 9th Congressional District on the Republican Ticket. With redistricting the southern portion of Roanoke County and Bedford and Franklin Counties have been added to the 9th Congressional District displacing career politician Morgan Griffith outside of the District.

“As a mother, I am worried about the future of our nation. Are our children going to have the same rights and freedoms? Will government be dictating every aspect of their lives? Will we still have freedom of speech?” asked Lowe. “Unlike never before our nation is facing a threat from within that would fundamentally transform our way of life and democracy. It is going to take new blood in Congress to fight these policies which are bringing us all great harm”.

Kimberly Lowe is a 6th generation Southwest Virginian who has fought for families and justice for decades. Her professional career has included serving as an Archaeologist/Anthropologist, public school teacher, college professor, farmer, and policy advisor. Lowe is a member of the National Rifle Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, Virginia Citizen’s Defense League, Virginia’s Right to Bear
Arms, Homeschool Legal Defense Association, Ducks Unlimited, Virginia’s Conservative Women’s Coalition, the Livestock Conservancy, the
Southeast Hemp Association, and Virginia Hemp Coalition.

Lowe has an impressive educational background that includes an Associates Degree in Science from Virginia Western Community College, a
Bachelor of Science Degree from Radford University, and a Masters from Hollins University. She also completed post Masters coursework towards a doctorate at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University in the Netherlands, and the American International School of Law.

Lowe has proudly signed the Congressional Term Limits pledge. “The incumbent has been in Congress for over a decade. He has had his
chance and quite frankly he’s been a career politician for 27 years. I believe like our founding fathers that serving as an elected official is not supposed to be a career,” said Lowe. “When elected, I will be able to bring a new energy and determination to protect our rights, fight inflation, balance the budget and improve quality of life.”

Lowe’s community involvement includes working with elected officials to improve local communities, helping families navigate issues with Child Protective Services, serving as director of legislation for the Global Family Alliance, building coalitions to reform family courts and child welfare, and starting a mobile COVID-19 test clinic. Moreover, Lowe homeschools her children.


On Monday January 10th, 2022 Lowe unveiled her comprehensive plan to help Southwest Virginians at the Second Monday Constitution Group in Christiansburg. These plans include a strategy to deal with the opioid epidemic which is the number one killer in America, for job creation, for court reforms, suicide prevention, healthcare access and better health outcomes, and making students ready for jobs for today, mental health care access, addressing the housing crisis, and generational poverty.

She also announced she would be hiring Mayor Stacey Carson of Pound in Wise County Virginia to be in head of Community Development and Revitalization while Lowe will hire someone specifically for the district to focus of family stability which would help monitor and reform the current child welfare system since Southwest Virginia has some of the highest child removal rates.

Lowe is talking about tough subjects such as how to address child and human trafficking and plans on having a team to make sure schools and healthcare offices can identify and help prevent trafficking, and Kimberly knows the area needs another Domestic Violence shelter and has policy ready to introduce to help victims of domestic violence.

Kimberly spent the last year traveling the nation forming relationships with legislators so she can hit the ground running when she enters Congress. Kimberly has also been working on coal initiatives, creative farming solutions to bring greater profit, manufacturing solutions to bring jobs, creative job solutions which were unveiled on Monday which will bring permanent jobs, and has been working with an outside company to bring broadband.

She has also worked on solving the opioid epidemic, reforming the child welfare system, and reunifying separated American families locally, but she knows that the real work in improving people’s lives lies in policy. She has policy solutions to help so many Southwest Virginians and the nation and she will never stop until the job is done!

“To defeat the current agendas which our hurting our country and community, it is going to take a new commitment. As a mom, I know what
is at stake. People can count on me to work around the clock to make a difference,” said Lowe. “Everyone is sick of career politicians and the status quo and too many people are suffering in Southwest Virginia to sit on the sidelines. Way too much needs to be fixed and I have the vision and understanding of how to address a wide plethora of problems. Politics should be about improving quality of life and I’m here to make a difference!”

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