ILA | California: San Jose to Consider Ordinance Taxing Gun Owners

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On January 25th, the San Jose City Council will consider File 22-045, an ordinance to tax gun owners and mandate that they purchase liability insurance. Last year, we reported on the San Jose City Council directing the City Attorney to draft this proposal, which Mayor Sam Liccardo requested. The meeting will be held remotely by video conference.  For information on participating in the meeting, or to view the agenda, you may click here. Please contact City Council members and ask them to OPPOSE File 22-045.

File 22-045 creates an ordinance to require gun owners to pay an annual fee and have liability insurance coverage for firearm-related “death, injury, or property damage.” Gun owners are required to fill out and sign a city-provided form attesting to compliance, and also to sign new forms each time their insurance information changes. They are required to keep this form, along with proof of payment for the annual tax, with their firearms wherever they are being stored or transported. Failure to comply will result in firearms being impounded.

This is an attempt to punish law-abiding gun owners for owning a lawful product, by making them pay for the activities of criminals. Taxing lawful ownership and requiring insurance will do nothing to reduce gun violence, which is often committed by repeat criminals who will not be paying the fees or obtaining insurance. It simply increases the cost for law-abiding citizens to exercise a constitutional right. Violent criminals in illegal possession of firearms cannot be required to comply with these measures, as the ordinance’s attestation requirements violate their right against self-incrimination.

Again, please contact City Council members and ask them to OPPOSE File 22-045.


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