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Tomorrow, at 10:30AM, the Senate General Laws committee will hear House Bill 1462, to reduce areas where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless. Then, at 1:00PM, the Senate Insurance and Banking Committee will hear Senate Bill 1048, to discourage banks from discriminating against the firearm industry. If you wish to find information on attending the hearings, click here.

Please click this button to contact the Senate General Laws Committee and ask them to SUPPORT HB 1462.

Please click this button to contact the Senate Insurance and Banking Committee and ask them to SUPPORT SB 1048.

House Bill 1462 repeals arbitrary “gun-free zones” that do nothing to hinder criminals, while leaving law-abiding citizens defenseless. It removes the prohibition on law-abiding citizens carrying firearms for self-defense on public transit property and in vehicles. This ensures that citizens with varying commutes throughout their day, and of various economic means, are able to exercise their Second Amendment rights and defend themselves.


The bill also repeals the prohibition in state law against carrying firearms for self-defense in places of worship. This empowers private property owners to make such decisions regarding security on their own, rather than the government mandating a one-size-fits-all solution.

Senate Bill 1048 prohibits public entities from entering into contracts worth $100,000 or greater with businesses, unless they certify that they do not discriminate against firearm businesses. Anti-gun banks and their executives have expressed interest in denying services to the firearm industry as a way to further their political agenda and impose gun control by making such business impossible when legislatures won’t bend to their will. Banks should evaluate firearm businesses like any other business and consider financial risk, rather than ideology, in their decisions on providing services. This bill ensures that state taxpayer money does not go to such businesses.

Again, please click the buttons above to contact the committees and ask them to SUPPORT these bills.

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