ILA | Rhode Island: Legislature Coming Out Full Force Against Ocean State Gun Owners

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The Statehouse is back open, and anti-gun politicians are planning to take it out on law-abiding gun owners this week.  Both the House and the Senate Judiciary Committees are planning marathon gun bill hearings on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.  This latest onslaught contains over two dozen bills each night, and while there are a few pro-gun bills on the agenda, the vast majority of the agenda is filled with severe restrictions on the Second Amendment, including magazine and semi-auto bans.  

Because there are so many bills, we have provided links to both committee agendas.

AGENDA: House Committee on Judiciary
AGENDA: Senate Committee on Judiciary

The message to lawmakers should be simple:  Enough is enough.  Get tough on crime and stop harassing law-abiding gun owners.  “No new gun laws!”  Progressive District Attorneys across the country have gone easy on criminals, and now they have the audacity to blame law-abiding gun owners.  We need to tell them to do their job and enforce the laws which are already on the books.  Rhode Island has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, easily ranking in the top 10.  They have passed gun bills the last couple of sessions in Providence, and now they are back for more.  Our elected officials, both nationally and here locally, have made a mess of things.  While all Americans are suffering, this is their top priority?  

In conjunction with the NRA RI state association, the Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition, we are asking members to attend the hearings.  Even if you do not testify, your presence at the Statehouse will demonstrate the solidarity of the firearms community against these bills and will help us send a strong message. 


Please contact your House and Senate members immediately and politely request that they vote NO on all new gun control bills!  

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