ILA | Kansas: Legislature Adjourns from 2022 Regular Session

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This past weekend, the Kansas Legislature adjourned from a successful Legislative Session following marathon days of debate, and will return for a veto session following the April break.  Before adjourning, the legislature passed pro-hunting measure, House Bill 2456, to the Governor’s desk for a signature.  Please continue to contact Governor Laura Kelly and ask her to sign House Bill 2456.

House Bill 2456 establishes the Kansas kids lifetime combination hunting and fishing license. While being considered in conference committee, HB 2456 was amended.  As amended, such a license shall be issued to children who are five-years-old or younger, and the price of a license will not exceed $300. The Senate added an amendment creating a second level of the license, to be available for children between the ages of 6 to 7, not to exceed $500.  This legislation provides Kansas youth with the ability to get in the field and experience one of America’s oldest traditions earlier and longer. Hunters are the most important part of environmental conservation efforts. HB 2456 will go a long way towards helping to bolster the ranks of those who appreciate this country’s rich hunting heritage.

Again, please contact Governor Laura Kelly and ask her to SIGN House Bill 2456 into law.

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