Arizona has an annual gift for the gun lobby: No taxes

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Opinion: They’ve been busy pleasing the anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, anti-education and anti-voting lobbies. Will the gun lobby get a present? What do you think?

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking – what about the gun lobby?

When do they get their annual handout, their piece of the legislative pie, from the Republicans who control the Arizona Legislature?

I mean, the GOP already has dutifully gifted a currently unconstitutional but much desired piece of legislation to the anti-abortion lobby.

They’ve shown their fealty and largesse to those who pretend that the LGBTQ community does not exist by way of legislation harmful to transgender children and their families.

They’re working diligently to make sure the wealthiest Arizonans pay the least taxes and have the largest tax refunds.

Lawmakers dutifully attack teachers, voting rights

They’ve demonstrated their legislative faithfulness to the cause of destroying public education and maligning the good men and women who dedicate their lives to teaching.

And they’ve followed the marching orders of those in power within the GOP and their influencial conspiracy kooks by launching a full-on assault of voting rights and access to the ballot.

The puppet masters pulling the strings on Arizona’s GOP lawmakers have had their marionettes dancing all manner of furious jigs.

Yet to call the tune, however, is the gun lobby.

But don’t despair. They’re on the playlist.

A Glock 9mm would be the same as the bread you eat

House Bill 2166, an offering to the organizations like the National Rifle Association, is working its way through the legislature in a manner that is almost under the radar, given everything else that has gone on.

But the gun lobby is well entrenched with the governing party, and determined to expand even further the number and availability of weapons in Arizona.

HB 2166 could help. And it’s not the only legislation being served up to the gun industry and lobbyists. (One gift almost never seems to be enough.)

If approved, this particular bill would exempt firearms from state sales tax, placing them in the same category as groceries and prescription medications. The bread you eat and a Glock 9mm. Same thing.

Other accoutrements, like gun safes and gun locks, also would not be taxed.

Universal background checks that would close the gun show loophole? No.


A law that would mean, essentially, that a firearm would, for tax purposes, be considered a necessity.

Like the food you eat.

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