Sen. John Boozman, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Arkansas

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Age: 71

City: Rogers

Occupation: Former Optometrist and Small Business Owner

Education: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (1972); Southern College of Optometry, Memphis (1977)

Public service experience: School Board Member, Rogers School District (1994-2001); Member of Congress, AR-3 (2001-2010); U.S. Senator (2011-present)


Why should people vote for you?

I have kept my promises to the people of Arkansas by standing up for our shared conservative values in Washington. From defending our individual freedoms and protecting our border, to supporting our farmers and ranchers, law enforcement officers, and our veterans, I always come down on the right side of the issues Arkansans care about. My record has garnered support from republican leaders like President Trump, Senator Cotton, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and conservative grassroots groups like the National Rifle Association and Arkansas Right to Life. As long as I have the privilege of serving our state and its people, I will continue to keep my promises and be the conservative voice they rely on in the Senate.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how would you address it?

Inflation and record-high gas prices are creating real hardships for Arkansas families. Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend agenda has poured gasoline on this fire, regulated us out of business, and signaled that Green New Deal policies supersede the needs of everyday Americans. We’ve got to stop the reckless spending and revive the energy independence we enjoyed under the Trump administration. We can begin by removing overreaching regulations, finishing the Keystone XL Pipeline, enabling more oil and gas leases on public lands and waters, and leaning into an all-the-above approach that meets our needs and ensures access to reliable, affordable energy. I am already working with my colleagues to advance solutions like these so that hardworking Arkansans do not suffer any further harm due to the inept leadership at the White House.

What’s the first thing you’d like to accomplish if elected?

There are many issues that I’m eager to address once Republicans retake the Senate, and I’m well positioned to get those done. As mentioned, domestic energy production will be a top priority, as is fighting all the harm Biden’s inflation has done to our economy. The next Farm Bill will be written in 2023, and I will serve as Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Agriculture is Arkansas’s #1 industry and absolutely vital to our rural communities. Sadly, Democrats have already announced their plans to use the farm bill to advance more radical “environmental justice” policies. As Chairman, I can promise Arkansans that I will put our farmers and rural communities in the best position to succeed and fight back against Biden’s misplaced and detrimental policies. I will also continue fighting to secure our southern border, control spending, and defend the Constitution against the constant liberal overreach of Washington Democrats.

A team of reporters from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette compiled this series of candidate bios over the last three months. Candidates in most races were reached by email and completed questionnaires. Others who couldn’t be reached by email provided information over the phone. Some candidates declined to participate or didn’t respond to phone and email messages left by the Democrat-Gazette. Return to the main Voter Guide page to read more bios.

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