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Last night, the Maine Legislature adjourned from the second session of the 130th Legislature. During this session, an egregious gun confiscation bill was defeated.  Unfortunately, the Legislature missed an opportunity to pass a pro-hunting measure that would have allowed Sunday hunting opportunities in Maine.

Anti-Gun Bill Defeated:

Legislative Document 1068 created two new sections of Maine law, which outlined the power of the court in issuing orders or consent agreements for protection from harassment, and authorized the surrender of firearms. This bill was redundant and unnecessary, burdened Second Amendment rights, and mandated the surrender and confiscation of constitutionally protected property without a hearing and without notice.

Pro-Hunting Bill Defeated:

Legislative Document 2014 allowed Sunday hunting on private property with written landowner permission statewide.  Unfortunately, Maine hunters are prevented from introducing their family or friends to hunting because they are competing with organized sports and other activities on Saturday, which is often their only opportunity to hunt outside of the work week. Providing an extra day in the field, especially on the weekend, increases opportunities for those individuals to experience one of America’s oldest traditions, and increases hunter retention.

Thank you to NRA members and Second Amendment supporters for continuing to contact their lawmakers about the above bills.  Stay tuned to NRA-ILA for more information and updates on Second Amendment issues in The Pine Tree State.​

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