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Second Amendment

Stricter gun laws necessary

As I’m writing this on May 15, breaking news reports have been issued regarding the horrific shooting in a Tops supermarket in a mostly Black neighborhood in Buffalo, N.Y. Ten shoppers are dead on what they all believed was a normal Saturday shopping trip. The 18-year-old coward who murdered them espoused the far right “Christian” belief that “Jews shall not replace us.”

I heard it first in the University of Virginia riots several years back. A young woman was run down. It was given a “Wink, wink, nod, nod” by our former president to keep his base happy.

When over 90% of the population wants stricter gun regulations, and over 60% of NRA members in multiple independent national polls, why not? How can anyone oppose it? Law abiding gun owners have their guns registered and safely stored. Most criminals use illegally purchased weapons. The so-called “straw purchaser” can still buy guns in Virginia and sell them to criminals in New York and Pennsylvania at gun shows with questionable tax regulations or right out of the trunk at shows.

The New York killer used a 30-round magazine that may have been purchased in Pennsylvania and took it to Buffalo. A brave, retired, highly skilled police officer shot the suspect twice in the chest with his service automatic. The killer had body armor. The officer died.

In a high gun ownership country and state, do you want to contribute to the death or maiming of a loved one in school, at a supermarket, Walmart, church, etc.? Your Second Amendment rights are fully protected. As a responsible gun owner who respects the Second Amendment, I don’t want innocent blood on my conscience. Think about it!

We should all be mad as hell and not take it anymore.

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