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Second Amendment

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A recent opinion page showing an 11-year-old boy smiling at a recent NRA convention holding an assault rifle was disheartening after what has recently happened in our America. Hopefully his parents will encourage him to join our military service, where he will be taught the use of an assault rifle: to protect our country in war. Updated gun reform bills will never eliminate all tragedies, but it is a start. As a Vietnam veteran, I know what assault weapons can do. There is no place for them to be at home or sold to the public.

Bruce, Tinley Park

Ted Slowik needs a history lesson. The Second Amendment is there to protect the First Amendment, and us from tyrannical government. ATF Form 4473 is completed when a firearm is purchased for background checks. A false statement on 4473 is a federal offense subject to a fine and up to 10 years in prison. The AR-15 is the most commonly used rifle for hunting and target shooting. The Colonial Minutemen were citizens who fought to free their country from British tyranny.

Don, Homer Glen

Once again, I can say shame on you Tinley Park officials. You can hang flower baskets, paint benches, which is very nice. But yet again, you can’t fly the American flag on days honoring our brave men and women who fought for our country and your freedom. But you can have a memorial service at 80th avenue train station. Once again, Oak Forest, Orland Park for your commitment to our service people. Keep your flags flying.

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TMC, Tinley Park

We have a major dilemma today. Women want to be men and men want to be women. Help, the world’s coming to an end.

Mr. G., Chicago

One contributor mentioned inconsistencies in how the media describes suspected criminals and victims. I agree, there are inconsistencies. My personal favorite is when reporters describe someone as a youth, even though the person is 26 years old and has three kids.

Joan, Oak Forest

Nobody’s mother while shopping for groceries suddenly experienced a distended stomach, the release of water then pushed out a fully developed newborn baby. Every human being began as a fertilized egg. Life begins at conception. Abortion is murder.

Guy, Oak Lawn

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