Comedian rapid-fire fact-checks NRA attendee claiming that hammers kill more Americans than guns

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Outside of the National Rifle Association’s convention in Houston, Texas over the weekend, an attendee attempted to diminish the number of Americans that lose their lives to gun violence. But as comedian Jason Selvig quickly pointed out, the facts were not on his side.

The raw footage was posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

“More people and more crime is committed and more people are killed by hammers every year than guns. Look at the facts,” the unnamed gentleman claimed to Selvig of The Good Liars, who had infiltrated the event to deliver a parody speech mocking NRA leader Wayne LaPierre.

“I will look that up. I don’t think that’s true actually,” Selvig replied.

“That is true,” the man interjected.

“In the United States though?” asked Selvig.

“Yes sir, that is true, look it up,” the NRA guest insisted. “You can Google it. It’s true, it’s actually true.”

Selvig did just that, running a quick search for, the “number of murder victims and the weapons used.”

The man’s confident assertion was not true.

Selvig ran through the figures that he pulled from a 2021 report from Statista.

“Number one: handguns, 8029. Number two: firearms type not stated, 4,863. Number three: knives or cutting instruments. Number 4: personal weapons, hands, fists, feet. Then rifles at 455. Then blunt objects, clubs, hammers at 393,” he read. “The hammers, that stat is just wrong.”

But the man appeared to be unmoved and reverted back to a boilerplate defense of the Second Amendment.

“Back to your question,” he said, “the Second Amendment is still my right and it’s still important to me.”

Watch below via The Good Liars:

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