Multiple Republicans Change Minds Open to Banning Assault Rifles


For decades now, after mass shootings, right wingers have claimed nothing should be done about gun control and most are maintaining that position even after last week’s tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. However, now there are a few Republican politicians who are saying something needs to be done about gun safety regulations. One example is Representative Adam Kinzinger, who went on CNN and said, “I have opposed a ban fairly recently. I think I’m open to a ban now.” Kinzinger has become an anti-Trump Republican and he’s leaving office at the end of his term, but at least someone is speaking up. Another example is Congressman Chris Jacobs, who said his perspective on gun control has changed in the wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. The NRA-endorsed Republican said he would vote for a bill banning assault weapons and raising the age requirement on some gun purchases to 21. These two about-faces don’t necessarily mean the dam in Republican politics is breaking, but at least it’s a start.

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