The political divide over gun reform blocking change

Second Amendment

It’s become an all-too familiar scene – a mass shooting in America. Followed by the doomed cries of #DoSomething that fizzles out after a few days, leading many to wonder can gun reform really happen?

The outraged demands for action continue to be derailed in Congress. Disappointed gun-control advocates and frustrated citizens, point their fingers at the influence of the National Rifle Association or any number of gun-toting, second-amendment touting congressional Republicans. Those are both legitimate factors, but the stalemate over gun-control legislation ultimately rests on a much deeper problem: the political divide in American politics.

Here we go again

After the recent Uvalde school shooting that left 19 children and two adults dead, Texas Democrats are once again demanding that state leaders enact gun control measures to help prevent similar tragedies in the future. It’s a hard sell to a Republican-dominated legislature.

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