Ketanji Brown Caught on Video Applauding Pervasive ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban


For anyone in doubt about how President Joe Biden’s hand-picked appointee to join the liberal wing of the Supreme Court would vote on any anti-Second Amendment legislation, a video has emerged offering a very large hint.

Last month, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave a commencement address at Harvard University and was extolling the virtues of her country’s ban on what liberals call “assault weapons,” as noted by TheBlaze.

As she was praising the ban, at around 7:48 of the YouTube video, Supreme Court Justice-in-Waiting Ketanji Brown Jackson breaks into applause.

The camera cuts away from her quickly, so watch carefully:


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During her confirmation hearings, Jackson sought to appear neutral on issues that might come before the court after she replaces retiring Justice Stephen Breyer.

The NRA’s website recorded one exchange between Jackson and Republican Sen. John Cornyn, in which he asked her about one of the court’s major gun rights rulings.

“That was a decision by the Supreme Court that recognized the individual right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment. Correct?” Cornyn asked. Jackson agreed.

He later asked her if it was a precedent of the court that she would respect.

Do you think Jackson will respect court precedent in Second Amendment cases?

“Yes senator, all precedents of the Supreme Court have to be respected,” she said then.

The NRA also noted what Jackson said when Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked Jackson to “walk me through what current Supreme Court precedent says about the Second Amendment.”

“Current Supreme Court precedent says that under the Second Amendment there is an individual, fundamental right to keep and bear arms in the home and the opinion focuses on those,” she said, before Blackburn interrupted her to note that some claim the right to bear arms is only for militias.

“The Supreme Court has established it is an individual right,” Jackson said then.

In written comments, Brown also said she would follow past precedents.


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“I would evaluate any case concerning handguns or COVID-19 restrictions consistent with the binding precedent of the Supreme Court,” she wrote.

Although Jackson gave those answers during her confirmation process, the NRA noted that simply skipping through the political process does not mean a justice will follow through with what he or she says.

The group’s bottom line: “Gun owners have every reason to be suspicious of Supreme Court nominees without a proven track record of support for the Second Amendment, including Judge Jackson.”

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