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Second Amendment

Does this add up?

Does this really add up? Columnist Thomas Elias (“Expected anti-abortion ruling could boost California,”) foresees a bright future for California as an abortion magnet by attracting anti-birthing persons to kill their preborn children here, because this could increase the state’s falling population?

Is the way to counteract population loss in the face of surging crime, increasing homelessness, and spiking prices for food, gasoline, electricity, and housing to change the Golden State into the Death State?

Sheriff Bill Brown represents the finest in law enforcement

Sheriff Bill Brown is clearly the most qualified candidate! Brown has earned my vote because he has the experience, integrity and proven track record of doing a stellar job for Santa Barbara County.

He is a brilliant leader who has successfully led us through challenging times. He has implemented new and innovative programs to reduce crime, make our streets safer and also provide rehabilitation/reentry for inmates.

Take, for example, his approach to those suffering from mental illnesses. The appropriate diversion to community-based alternatives and partnering with Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness to respond to mental health crisis-related calls is compassionate and in line with current enlightened approaches advocated by mental health/medical professionals.

His goal of creating a program to address opioid/fentanyl deaths is another example of how Sheriff Brown sees a problem and seeks a solution for the betterment of our community. Sheriff Brown is astutely proactive and I would like to see his outstanding work continue to make our county a better, safer place to live. Thank you Sheriff Brown for all you’ve done!

Speak by voting for reasonable gun laws

None of the people who perpetrated mass killings could have done so armed with either of my two black powder guns which, incidentally, would have been state-of-the-art weaponry when the 2nd Amendment was drafted by our Founding Fathers.

Nor could they have done so armed with weapons legally available to citizens during most of my lifetime and that of most seniors. Recently published data in the LA Times confirms that states with the least restrictive gun control laws have, per capita, the most gun related incidents and deaths and that states with the most restrictive laws have the least.

Not only has easing gun control laws made us less safe but it has elevated us to the unenviable status of being one of the least safe places on the planet.

Most of us, including most Republicans and National Rifle Association members, support common sense regulations including universal background checks and outlawing military assault style weapons and high capacity magazines.

Unfortunately, most Republican federal legislators have been bought and paid for by the NRA, which represents gun manufacturers and retailers rather than a majority of its members, and have successfully blocked all legislative efforts. They must be shown at the polls that we will no longer tolerate, nor can we afford to indulge the whims and paranoia of the would-be “Rambos” in our midst who are fixated on the power rush guns give them.

Hurtado is the right choice

As a Hanford local Melissa Hurtardo is the logical choice. Hurtardo puts local farm workers first. California farm workers should always be a priority over catering to oil companies.

Just ask yourself when you vote do you want to be on the side of local farm owners and workers or on the side of a former oil lobbyist who clearly puts Kern County oil companies first. The decision is clear.

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