ILA | New Jersey: Assembly Committee Plans To Trounce Your Constitutional Rights Again on Wednesday

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The Assembly Judiciary Committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday morning to consider five new gun control bills, which Gov. Phil Murphy proudly refers to as gun package 3.0.

Wait, what happened to the previous two gun control packages? You mean they didn’t work? Legislative Democrats and the Governor told us how great these bills were when they advocated for them in 2018 and 2019. The sad fact is that the only people who got it correct were gun owners who said these bills will do nothing but punish law-abiding citizens. That is exactly what happened, and that is precisely why these disingenuous politicians are back this week clamoring for more of the same. Every time there is a tragedy, they are back like vultures. Meanwhile the streets in our urban communities are worse than they have ever been, and nothing these Assembly members are proposing will help these desperate communities that have been lied to for years. And, when these bills are added to the heap of gun bills that did not stop criminals, Murphy and Trenton Democrats will be back with gun control package 4.0. It is time to end the nonsense.

This week’s package of gun control bills include:

A.509 increases the age from 18 to 21 for issuance of FID cards and will effectively raise the age for long gun purchases.

A.1179 requires non-residents moving into New Jersey to register their firearms. This bill creates a double standard and requires registration of guns that current residents are not even required to register.

A.1302 regulates the sale of handgun ammunition and develops a system for electronic reporting of firearm information.

A.1765 allows the Attorney General to bring suit or cause of action for certain public nuisance violations arising from the sale and marketing of firearms. This bill allows for harassing lawsuits despite Congress adopting the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act in 2005. It is simply designed to bankrupt the firearms industry.

A.2215, the New Jersey Safe Storage of Firearms Act, requires guns and ammunition to be locked inside one’s home. It requires magazines to be unloaded and stored separate. This bill would render self-defense in the home impossible.

The stark reality is that the Governor, and anti-gun Democrat politicians in Trenton, know these bills won’t work. They only pass them because they can go back to their political base and dishonestly tell them they have done something about “gun violence.” At the same time, their soft-on-crime bail policies and anti-law enforcement rhetoric have turned the streets into war zones.  The public is starting to understand exactly what is going on, and that has fueled record gun sales among first-time gun buyers the last two years. People across the country, and in the Garden State in particular, are starting to recognize that they must provide for their own personal safety because politicians marketing failed solution 6.0 isn’t cutting it.

If these bills advance, they will pass with one party supporting them. That same party lost seven seats in the last election, but they are proving this week they are willing to double down on failure. Politely send them a message today. Contact your Assembly members immediately, and tell them to pull the plug on gun control. NRA members contacted their legislators during the lame duck session, and it made a difference as the bills were defeated. Help us do it again! 

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