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Second Amendment

GOP is willing to take blood money

Comments by the GOP that stricter gun regulations will cause a decrease in campaign funds from the NRA proves that this party is willing to take blood money from an organization that does not even speak for the majority of their members. Instead, the NRA is standing up for gun manufacturers who are afraid their sales of guns designed for war will decrease, as citizens of this country pay the price with their lives. Please spare me the rhetoric that automatic and semi-automatic weapons are used for killing gophers, prairie dogs and feral pigs. We are aware these weapons are being used on the children the GOP has sworn to protect. There is no provision in the Second Amendment protecting your right to slaughter innocent citizens of this country. The shooters, who do not belong to a militia and are not defending our Constitution, are creating havoc at a time our country’s Constitution and Rule of Law has been attacked by extremists. Enough — Elise Stefanik and your party — enough.


Scotia-Glenville GOP endorse Judge Lockwood

To clear up any confusion, the Scotia-Glenville Republican Committee has endorsed Judge John Lockwood for Glenville Town Justice. After numerous interviews, and lengthy consideration, we have found that he is the most qualified to hold this judicial position. Judge Lockwood has been the judge in the Village of Scotia since 2019 and is the only attorney running for Glenville Town Justice. With rapidly changing New York State laws surrounding law enforcement and criminal cases, we feel it is imperative to have an attorney with his extensive background to navigate these changes. We are asking Scotia and Glenville Republicans to support our endorsed candidate Judge John Lockwood for Glenville Town Justice in the upcoming Republican primary.
The writer is chairman of the Scotia-Glenville Republican Committee.


As vet, proud to say Santabarbara is one of us

As a veteran of the Marine Corps, I can tell you those of us who served in our nation’s armed forces always stand up for what’s right and never leave anyone behind, and in this upcoming primary election for State Assembly, Angelo Santabarbara has and always will fight for veterans.

He came through for us with new legislation that elevated the NYS Division of Veteran Services to a full department to help better serve our veterans, increased the number of Veteran Treatment Courts and provided funding for the Dwyer Peer-to-Peer Program to help veterans struggling with PTSD.

I am thankful for that and more.

As a veteran, I’m proud to say Angelo is one of us — he knows the value of hard work and completing a mission. His dedication to family and community during these challenging times shows that he is someone who cares about people.

I joined the armed forces to protect our families, our values and our country. I know Angelo Santabarbara does that for us in the State Assembly — with honesty and integrity. On June 28, Angelo needs our vote. Mark your calendar and join me in voting for someone we can be proud of.


Tedisco common sense choice

As the Schenectady County Conservative Party Chairman, I’m proud to support an outstanding conservative voice for Schenectady and Saratoga Counties, our senator Jim Tedisco and ask you to vote for him in the Republican and Conservative Party Primary for the 44th Senate District on Aug. 23.

Of course, when you think about people who exemplify the best of Schenectady, Niskayuna and Saratoga as a representative, Jim Tedisco automatically comes to mind. Jim is a graduate of Union College where he excelled academically and athletically. Prior to serving in the Senate and Assembly representing Schenectady and Saratoga Counties, Jim was a Schenectady City Councilman.

Sen. Tedisco was honored this year by the New York State Conservative Party for his 100% conservative voting record and for being a strong voice to lower taxes, boost our economy, fight crime to protect our communities, and stand up to the dysfunction in Albany.

Jim Tedisco is a great supporter of law enforcement, a champion of our beleaguered taxpayers and a strong defender of our constitutional rights. No one works harder than Sen. Jim Tedisco. We need to keep Jim Tedisco’s common sense conservative voice fighting for us at the state Capitol.


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