Republicans’ position wrong on guns


Another mass shooting and Republicans are saying that assault weapons don’t need to be banned, that facilities just need to have only one door. Sure, one door in schools where children can die trying to get out during a fire, earthquake, tornado, etc. makes sense. The doctor who was shot by his patient probably had only one entrance; it didn’t do him any good. Should he have had an armed guard in his office to protect him?

Who needs an automatic weapon to go hunting? This argument about Second Amendment rights is bogus. At its annual convention, the National Rifle Association bolstered its ludicrous claims with questionable statistics. The Republicans are nothing but NRA minions who just want their campaign contributions.

The Second Amendment doesn’t apply in today’s society. We are no longer carrying muskets and single-shot guns; the gun manufacturers are making assault weapons for the general public that belong in the hands of the military for the purpose of war. Are they trying to make America a war zone?

And, just to be clear, besides Republicans’ other atrocities in trying to limit or ban sex education, to limit women’s rights and to target the LGBTQ community, the GOP seemingly wants everyone to carry an assault weapon or hidden firearm. What is life in America coming to?

We need to make sure Republicans are not in control of our government. We will become an autocratic state just like Russia.

Andy Lavigne


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