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Second Amendment

On raising age for gun

I’m writing this because people want to have laws to stop 18-year-old people from buying a weapon. If that is what the people and government of our nation want, then let’s stop taking 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds into the military and handing them guns to shoot, showing them how to shoot them and to kill with them. I went into the Navy when I was 17. One of the first things they did was give me an M16 and teach me how to use it.

I’m not saying we should be able to buy assault rifles (no civilian of any age needs one). What I am saying is that 18-year-olds should be able to buy guns as long as they go by the laws. I am a 73-year-old man who has a few guns. I love to hunt and target shoot.

Enforce the laws we now have. That might help.



Teach social justice

I am writing as a disturbed, concerned mother and grandmother regarding the increased mass killings of our citizens, and especially school-age children. For the past five years there has been an increased number of school-age children murdered in the United States. The perpetrators are mostly disturbed young people. I support changing the gun laws 100 percent, but changing the laws is only a part of the solution to this problem of mass murders. It is very obvious that the perpetrators have no respect for human lives.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that Congress, or the appropriate body, implement a law requiring every school curriculum in the United States to include a course in “Social Justice” to be taught in junior high school and senior high school. The course should focus on the “respect for human life, dignity and the pursuit of happiness.” Every human being, regardless of race, culture, or religion, has dignity and worth which should be respected by all. Based on the actions of the perpetrators, it is apparent that these principles of “Social Justice” are not being taught in homes or churches.

Since the schools are the only social institutions that require children to attend until age 18, it is only fitting that our educational institutions incorporate principles of “Social Justice” in the curriculum. l hope and pray that our leaders will give serious thought and action to this recommendation.


Pine Bluff

Bring back restaurant

I stand with Susan Kaspar; please bring back John Barleycorn’s Vision. Most enjoyable restaurant I went to, and it was a favorite of my mom’s. The décor was wonderful, and my mom loved sitting in the train car and eating the best broccoli cheese soup ever made. It was fun and enjoyable. Please bring it back.



Give them shotguns

If you are going to arm school teachers, give them a short-barreled shotgun instead of a pistol. Few people would have a chance with a handgun against an AR-15. But in a classroom situation, a teacher near the door might get off one shot before an intended killer could aim his weapon.

A shotgun blast from the teacher, grades 1-5, would be above the heads of her students if she aimed at the face of her intruder. The kick from a 10- or 12-gauge shotgun would probably knock a small teacher down below any reflex fire. Research the load of the shells to provide the best pattern to take out an intruder” buckshot, rabbit shot, dimes, or a combination of these.


Fort Smith

Some common sense

Let’s talk about assault weapons. I’m for gun rights, and a deer camp member for 55 years. I don’t want some left-wing nut from Yale deciding gun laws. But I also have a little bit of common sense. Here are two factors for consideration.

First, think evolution. Modern AR versions are not your father’s deer rifle. These are military-designed weapons that progressed over the years in capability and will continue to evolve. Think of your computer, car or cell phone. Today’s assault rifle can do more than bullets. They are now an advanced military weapons platform. Can you list all the add-on equipment? Lasers, thermal/night scopes, grenade launcher, bump stocks, suppressors, drum magazines. There’s lots more, but you get the picture. Still think it’s OK for teenagers to buy these?

Second factor: As I see it, the Republican Party can’t help us. It’s simple. They are bought and paid for by the gun lobby. Please understand this next part. Please. If your senator and congressmen do not accept the money, they face retribution. Not only is the cash cut off, the gun lobby then searches out and funds their next Republican opponent. Just ask Sen. John Boozman what happens when you get caught telling the truth and using common sense.

There is no reason for teenagers to have advanced military weapons platforms. Check your senators’ and congressmen’s NRA bank deposit. Ask how much common sense cost.


Little Rock

Call out lawmakers

What a lame speech, Mr. President, to mark the latest assault-rifle massacre. “Why are we willing to live with this carnage? Why do we keep letting this happen?” you ask. You call on the American people to “make it clear to every elected official in this country, it’s time to act.” Same old, same old. We’ve heard it all before. You have the bully pulpit and you refuse to use it. Wringing of hands won’t bring change. Calling on citizens to act when Republican senators refuse to vote even on background checks is passing the buck.

Call out those lawmakers by name, Mr. President. Spell out the money that flows into their coffers from the NRA. Call out the NRA, a once-respected organization, which has become a political arm of the weapons and ammunition industry. Stop pussyfooting around the distorted view of the Second Amendment that makes mass shootings possible.



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