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Second Amendment

Sometimes questions are asked that cannot be answered only guessed about. One of these questions is would things be different if Trump had won the election over Biden ­— we will never know. 

Energy policy, a major driver of the current inflation and high gas prices which I think we can be certain would be much different under Trump.  

Trump and Biden both had policy to remove US presence in Afghanistan, but Biden screwed up the pull out by any rational standard — would Trump have done the same? 

It can be guessed with a high degree of certainty that Trump would have withdrawn from Bagram AB rather than Kabul, but we will never know as neither president put much faith in the consul of their military advisors. 

Everyone knows if you want an answer on how the deploy the military ask someone who never spent a minute in uniform — they know everything. 

Which president would have managed COVID-19 better? Under Trump vaccines were developed in under a year. Biden likes to claim there were no vaccines when he took office on January 20th even though he was fully vaccinated by the day he assumed office. 

Trump tried to balance the economy and vaccinations but by timing the job of getting America vaccinated was left to Biden who did a decent job even if it was by threat. 

On another subject, the behavior of liberals when they do not get their way is deplorable as we have experienced with the two recent Supreme Court decisions on guns and Roe. 

Conservatives who supported the activity in DC on January 6th are justifiably denounced. The one-sided House Committee hearings are another story whose only goal seems to be prevent Trump 2024.

read in AV Press a few days ago that PWD was to add more moratorium on water use to residence. 

Then I read in to days AV Press that there is a plan in the works to add over 9,000 more home in the next 7 years, that is along with permit that have already been approved. 

I am just curious Where exactly is the water going to come from for all these new home & warehouses. Just curious.

The National Rifle Association was “…founded in 1871 by two US Civil War veterans as a recreational group designed to ‘…promote and encourage rifle showing on a scientific basis.’ In 1975, it formed a lobbying arm… to influence government policy. And in 1977, it formed its own Political Action Committee (PAC) to channel funds to legislators.” “US Gun Control: What Is The NRA And Why Is It So Powerful?”, https://www.bbc.com/news 27 May 2021

 I disagree with the NRA’s interpretation of the 2nd Amendment (“…gives U.S. citizens the rights to bear arms…”). “The NRA lobbies heavily against all forms of gun control.” Why are ordinary citizens allowed to carry an AR-15, which is an assault rifle? There is no way the Founding Fathers would ever agree to this.

The Sandy Hook shooting back in 2012 killed 20 children and 6 adults. Since that time, the NRA “has spent more than $100 million to help elect Republicans who will support their extreme agenda.” “How Much Did The NRA Pay to Buy Off The GOP, https://democrats.org/news, May 2022. 

In 2020, the NRA has spent $638,035 to Republicans and $12,887 to Democrats. That is why you don’t see a lot of letters from white conservatives about this tragedy. They should have been the first ones writing letters saying that something must be done. 

If memory serves me correctly, Mr. Rios was in security for 20 years at Highland. What happened to his letter? He could have provided more insight. Or any current/retired police officer.

What comedian Jimmy Kimmel said made sense. Ever since a massacre happened in Scotland in 1996, nothing has occurred like that again because the government worked together to pass gun control laws.  

Look at how the Republicans in this newspaper make demeaning comments about Democrats. We need to work together.

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