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Second Amendment

Miguel S. Coronado: “California mailed more than 22 million ballots to voters before Tuesday’s primary election. But, as of June 8, just 3.5 million had been counted. We wonder why Republicans run communities of color. If you don’t vote, don’t complain.”

Most people who don’t vote, particularly people of color, choose not to because they know that communities aren’t run in their interests regardless of which pro-capitalist politicians manage them. Disenfranchised people intuitively know that capitalists run all communities and America in general and that voting fundamentally changes nothing. 

Oppressed peoples know that this system, including its sham electoral system, has robbed them of a meaningful future, relegated them to low-paying and precarious jobs, burdens them with an endless cycle of debt, denies them healthcare, etc. 

And they know that when they take to the streets to revolt against these injustices, they are often harassed, beaten, or killed by armed agents of the capitalist state. 

Recall that the Democratic mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bowser, cynically commissioned the painting of a Black Lives Matter mural and immediately increased her city’s police budget. And Miguel Coronado likely supports Muriel Bowser. 

Consider, too, that politicians, including local politicians, don’t care what workers want and never help organize workers. Instead, politicians effectively say, “Here’s our slate; vote for it. You have no say. https://represent.us › americas-corruption-problem

Indeed, not only have Democratic politicians proven themselves to be no more responsive to the needs of workers than Republicans, the belief that voting will somehow change things reinforces that rigged game. 

So, if you think voting will help bring meaningful change, don’t complain, for it’s illusionary to believe that working within the system will change it. It must be discarded in favor of class struggle and eventually the founding of a socialist society.  

local leftist progressive (LP) disagrees with the NRA that the second amendment gives a citizen the right to bear arms. But he says nothing about the SCOTUS decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 US 570 (2008), a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court ruling that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms in the United States, unconnected with service in a militia. 

The writer asks “Why are ordinary citizens allowed to carry an AR [Armalite Rifle]-15, which is an assault rifle?” but says nothing about the formal definition of “assault rifle”, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, that it is selective-fire, which means that it is capable of both semi-automatic and fully automatic fire. 

The AR-15 fires only semi-automatically. He further remarks, without evidence, that “There is no way the founding fathers would ever agree to this.” 

The state of the art in weaponry when the constitution was written was muzzle-loading; the framers had no idea of the advances that would be made in weaponry through the centuries. 

That is why conservative SCOTUS looks to the constitution language in the “context of the day” rather than reading meaning into the constitution that is not there, “tinkering and tweaking” with its meaning. 

LPs believe that the constitution is a “living document” and can be interpreted by the culture of the times. So although we are rid of “US Constitutional abortion”, we continue to struggle with sexual identity (e.g. definition of woman) and biological men allowed competing against women in organized sports.

Lastly, the LP says we need to work together, but says nothing about Trumps request for unity at his inauguration or about subsequent attacks on his presidency amounting to coup d’état throughout his presidency, continuing to this day.

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