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Concealed Carry

Rein in influence and power of Court

I find the sudden direction of the Supreme Court disturbing.
The Court’s dismissal of previous judicial decisions on women’s health, environment, gun violence and separation of church and state reveals an astonishing arrogance and ignorance of critical situations facing people and country.
I hope something can be done to limit the influence and power of this small minority of the population.
Wallace Paprocki
Saratoga Springs

New state gun law is unconstitutional

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s temper tantrum legislation, following the Supreme Court’s recent ruling about concealed carry pistol permits is, hands down, the most unconstitutional thing to happen in New York state.
There is now a laundry list of places that a lawful, permitted handgun owner cannot carry, and it has become a felony to enter a business with those same handguns unless the business posts a sign specifically permitting firearms.
Businesses, especially small businesses, cannot afford to enter into such politics, which is exactly what the governor is counting on.
I call upon the New York State Pistol and Rifle Association and/or the National Rifle Association to petition the courts for an immediate injunction against this “law.” I also call upon the governor to attend a college course on constitutional law.
Perhaps if she did, she would understand, “…these rights shall not be infringed upon by any level of government.”
John Zuckerberg
East Greenbush

Hearings expose cowardice and lies

Well, the mopping of the floor is still active with the  Jan. 6 committee.
Many of us are rightfully concerned about gas and food prices, real estate craziness, Halloween gun carriers killing kids, Roe v. Wade rights and crime in general.
Despite all this, room at the inn has been made to expose a political party that my previously conservative sister told me, “she doesn’t recognize anymore.”
Trump brought the hate from day one. Many of you bought into it and left your democracy at the front door. A young person, 26-year-old Cassidy Hutchison, did not abandon her patriotism when testifying recently. She moved the needle. She reacted to right and wrong.
More of that is coming. The lying, cowardice and hiding is finally being exposed. How could it not?
We are vulnerable with all these distractions. Lest we forget, also, that war crimes are being committed daily by Russia, and it feels like an asterisk. Even covid has lost its front row seat because we want the damn mask off our face.
I guess over a million lost lives is no big deal?
For those of you who see a country that is not colorblind and doesn’t want to domestically kill each other…congrats! You are not a follower and recognize a lie when you see one.
For those of you who want to see death and divisiveness, you may want to reevaluate your priorities and grow some flowers at that front door instead of manure.
Dave Barnes

It’s our fault for the direction of country

Recently I have seen polls indicating that most of the people feel our country is headed in the wrong direction. Which makes me question, whose fault is that?
I guess we could blame the president, or both the Senate and House of Representatives, or even the Supreme Court, or maybe all of the above.
I say, first we have to blame ourselves. After all, isn’t this a country with a government of, for and by the people? What happened to “We, the people?”
It’s true, there are many problems our country needs to fix to get back in the right direction, including the out-of-control inflation; the immigration problems; abortion issues; gun control; decisions on the insurrection; the dysfunction caused by animosity of two political parties. I know, it’s easy to point the finger, but maybe we should start by pointing at ourselves first.
“We the people” must be the ones to solve these problems. How? I’m not totally sure, but I think it has to start with being sincerely aware of what is happening, and then voting with rationality. I’d love to see the polls say our country is headed in the right direction.
Ray Knapik
Ballston Spa



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