ILA | Oregon: Deceptive Explanatory Statement on Anti-2A Ballot Measure Out for Public Comment

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Vote NO to Ballot Measure 114 on November 8!

Oregon’s anti-gun proponents are working overtime to push the country’s most egregious gun control scheme on the ballot this November. And they’re not afraid to use deceptive tactics to try and get your vote.  Do not be fooled, Ballot Measure 114 (also known as Initiative Petition (IP) 17), which WILL be on the November 8 ballot, is dangerous to Oregon’s law-abiding gun owners, sportsmen and women, and Second Amendment supporters. Vote NO on Ballot Measure 114.

Under the guise of the “Reduction of Gun Violence Act,” Ballot Measure 114 is an unconstitutional, anti-gun initiative package that includes a state-run government registry of gun owners’ personal information and firearms, requires a permit to purchase a firearm, imposes an indefinite delay on background checks, and bans any magazine with over a 10-round capacity.

This week, the Explanatory Statement Committee met to draft an “Explanatory Statement” for the voter pamphlet, explaining to voters the effects of Ballot Measure 114. Proponents brought in their own deceptive, bullet-point format of a “statement,” disregarding the Legislative Counsel’s draft they were provided to work with. They falsely argued with the opponents that “their experts” said, “pump action” and “lever action” firearms are the same, and expressed other erroneous claims. This deceptive draft statement was released for public comment despite the efforts of opponents on the Committee.

YOU have a chance to submit comments to the Committee to correct this deceptive Explanatory Statement. You may also comment on the draft Financial Impact StatementSubmit your own comments to: [email protected] by Wednesday, August 3rd, OR, take action here:


Criminals do not obey the laws. Increasing laws and financial burdens diminish, if not eliminate, the rights of law-abiding citizens. 

In addition to the Explanatory Statement, your NRA provided written and verbal testimony challenging the Criminal Justice Commission’s (CJC) draft Racial and Ethnic Impact Statement during the public hearing held on Thursday. The draft statement published by the CJC provided no context for voters on the racial and ethnic impact of the measure and defaulted to “CJC lacks data” and “CJC is unable to provide prediction” throughout the majority of its findings. Your NRA contradicted those “findings” providing data and requesting the CJC fulfill its full statutory requirements for the final statement appearing in the voter pamphlet. 

Please share with your friends, family, and fellow Second Amendment advocates, to take action and vote NO on Ballot Measure 114.

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