Checking claims made by Democratic Governor candidate Nikki Fried



Nikki Fried, a Democratic candidate for Governor, made a campaign ad bashing current Governor Ron DeSantis running in Southwest Florida.

Some of the claims Fried makes are about inflation, assault weapons, and abortion limits. Put the blame on Governor DeSantis and one of Fried’s Democratic opponents.

WINK News reviewed edited pictures for a different political campaign flyer on Monday.

Fried believes every word in her campaign commercial and she also believes she’ll beat Charlie Crist in the August primary and DeSantis in the November general election.

In the Governor race to take DeSantis’ job, there are four Democrats fighting for his spot. Nikki Fried likes to say she’s the only one who’s elected, statewide.

“I’ll beat Ron DeSantis and be a Governor you can finally be proud of,” Fried says in an ad.

Fried is the state’s Agriculture Commissioner and the first week of August she put out an ad bashing DeSantis. Fried claims there is no ban on assault weapons, which is true.

“You don’t want to knee-cap the rights of law-abiding citizens,” DeSantis said in a news conference. Instead, the Governor said he wants to focus on the criminal.

“Our cost of living out of control and no ban on assault weapons,” Fried said in an ad. “We have to try something new.”

WINK News asked Fried to verify the claim on the out-of-control cost of living. “Look, Florida’s inflation is higher than the national average, our cost for homeowners’ insurance is higher than the national average, our cost for property taxes is higher, our cost for gas is higher. That is a Florida problem,” Fried said.

WINK News then asked political scientist Aubry Jewett if that was true or false. “I will say that most of the economic policies that can control inflation are going to be at the national level, not at the state level,” Jewett said.

Supporting abortion or not was another controversial topic Fried made sure to address. DeSantis signed House Bill Five into law which bans abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy. In the ad, Fried claims she’s the only Democrat in the race that’s against abortion.

Although, Charlie Crist doesn’t necessarily agree with that. Part of Crist’s campaign website is specifically dedicated to defending reproductive freedom.

“Charlie has flipped on this issue every other day,” Fried said. Fried’s last bit of testimony before saying she’ll beat DeSantis is that she is the only Democrat to never take a dime from the NRA. When asked to prove that Fried said, “That’s easy. Look at my records.”

“You know, in attack ads, the main thing is they have to have a grain of truth,” Jewett said. “Make people think about that particular issue and draw distinctions between you and your opponent.

WINK News didn’t find anything to suggest Fried took money from the NRA at any point in her political career.

WINK News did find a report in 2018 that said Crist took $1,290 from the NRA during his race for congress.

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